Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The weekend failure orks & more workspace.

So... them orks. I started on them before going to Germany, in a vain attempt to actually finish painting them before I went away. Foolish of me, but as wise men say: Per aspera ad astra!

I've finally gotten them all ready for highlightning at least. And after that detailing, and after that basing, and after that... 20 orks takes a whole lot longer than I thought. That's what you get for having high standards and high expectations of yourself. :)

One of my more avid readers asked for a better picture of my workspace, and here it is. 

It usually serves as my dinner table (and gaming table). But when painting this is how it looks. 

To the left; Laptop and a box of "in the works" models. Tonight it's the rest of the orks (1 nob, 10 shootas). A wire-based tree as well that I work on during spare time (while watching TV etc.)

In the middle: Vallejo Model Color set, with assorted extra colors, additives and stuff in the lid. A lid from the Vallejo Model Air set (not pictured) with basing stuff, tools, Kneadite, glue, oil paints and assorted odds and ends. 

To the right: Painting area. On top is the bowl my cat's drink from. The brush holding thingie from here. My wet palette, assorted paints I'm using at the moment, iPhone (for texting Gork and Mork), the orks I'm painting at the moment, two lamps etc. 

Underneath it all is some ribbed rubber thingie I use for protection that I "stole" from a gunshop. 

All in all it's a pretty straightforward setup. I can move everything away when not painting since almost everything is contained in the Vallejo cases / lids. The rubber mat stays where it is (the cat's make a mess when drinking) and if I need any airbrushing done I just move stuff away and setup the spraybooth in the middle.

(Oh yeah, if you look to the right, at the windowsill. There's the Malifaux stuff I've ordered but promised myself not to open until the orks were done... >_<)

What does your painting area look like? Are you fortunate enough to have a man-/girl-cave or do you need to move stuff around like I do? Please leave a comment. 

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  1. For the last few years I had to keep all my painting equipment portable. Recently though I was able to get a more permanent setup with a roll-top desk to guard everything from my daughter. Having to stowing everything away after each session really wore away at my motivation, so now I'm really excited about the prospect of having more opportunity to paint since I won't spend so much time packing and unpacking my gear.

    It's cool to see your own setup. I always enjoy seeing where people paint and how they organize themselves. That rubber mat looks very useful and I'm impressed by the courage it must have taken to liberate it from a gunshop of all places. Well done, sir! Also the orks you've been working on look great and certainly show the time and care you put into your painting.