Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dakka Dakka Storefinder

I just wanted to plug that Dakka Dakka has a Store Finder in the progress. Currently it's in some sort of open beta, which means that you can add your FLGS (and CLGS) to it (I've already added a bunch of them :)). A service I wish was avaliable a month earlier. Then perhaps I would've been able to find the gaming stores in Frankfurt.


  1. Actually there are no gaming stores in Frankfurt. There were one or two, but GW noticed that they had good sales so they decided to put their own store in Frankfurt. Soon the independent retailers were pushed out of business (I heard it might have been connected with the independent retailers having had suddenly delivery problems while the GW had everything on time).

  2. Oh, man, that sucks. So the only venue to play in is GW Frankfurt (where exactly is that place? I lived in the muslim area right close to the Hauptbanhof.
    So when playing against other guys/girls in the region, do you usually form up informal gaming clubs or something?