Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Weekend failure orks, done!

20 green failures! :)
Once upon a time I got a severe case of hubris and decided to paint 30 orks in one weekend. That didn't end well, and suddenly I had 30 plastic reminders of my bad conscience. Every time I picked up a new figure, painted something else or just didn't give them attention, I felt bad.

Painting should be fun. Once it doesn't, stop painting and do something else. Set realistic goals. As in my case, perhaps 10 of them. It sucks really bad having something nagging on you when you're in the mood for painting something else.

Of course, if you really have to get stuff painted. Like if you're attending that tourney in 2 weeks and everything still is grey plastic. Paint. Paint like a madman and embrace the suck. If not, make sure it's fun to paint so you don't end up with too many "I really need to paint these but I don't want to". Hobby should be relaxing and not work.

Fire up some podcasts, make a cup of tea, relax, paint & smile. :)


  1. Ah, yes I remember my painting frenzy when I was preparing my green tide army for a local tournament (I didn't do to well in case you are wondering).
    I was sitting down painting for so many hours everyday it actually physically hurt in the end. Thankfully I got everything ready in time and was able to play in the tournament.

  2. Another advise at painting: Don't take these spam lists you read all over the internet. Painting the same models over and over again isn't very fun.

  3. Or "Don't take anything but mech orks!" ;)

    I perhaps should add "It'll be worth it. Don't worry!" to the post. It's actually awesome when you paint them all up. And have people asking "Did you paint all these?" when you turn your buckets of orks out on the table.

    (Main problem is that you never can have enough orks... :)

  4. Kudos, Px. I love your stuff! Me myself, I have sword never to paint an ork again. I have enough stuff to play at 2000p and I can't be bothered to paint more.

    Currently my neck is quite tense from painting Space Lizards from Space.

    Did you get my mail about writing for my blog?


  5. I just came back to leave another comment on your 'Thousand Sons' review post, but I had to also comment on this: your orks look really good! I need to have a big painting weekend to paint up some 30 boyz mobs!