Monday, August 16, 2010

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a hoarder.

Today I got this from a nice fella from eBay – or nice... he/she got a lot of cash and I got this. Together with the reprint of Insignum Astartes. The thing is, I have 1500 pts+ of Space Marines. And of all that a Razorback and 5 marines are painted... But I still buy more stuff. Just to have it when I finally finish with the orks.

And you have to admit that using this model, with a jumppack, together with a chappy and 10 ass. marines would be a pretty awesome mini death star?

This dude apparently

Oh, and I almost forgot that I also have 750pts of Eldar just sitting there... Good thing I have a can of Army Painter dip for them. It'll probably dry out before I ever get to paint the eldar.

So, what do you hoard? Are you like me or are you a person in control of your urges and spending habits? Please let me know I'm not the only one out here... :)


  1. I have 7000 points of unpainted marines, probably 700 points of unassembled marines, 1200 points unpainted nids, 750 points unassembled nids, and to top it all off 30 unpainted blood bowl teams.

  2. "It's called "collecting." ;-)"

    Nuff said :)