Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PSA: Maelstrom rumour confirmation

The rumour that Maelstrom was in massive debt can now hopefully be confirmed. On the Wyrd forum Graham posted;
Maelstrom won't be getting any more Malifaux from us as he's been cut off due to his massive debt, which has now been sold via a debt purchase company who will be pursuing the debt and legal action. 
MG is running his final sales (several of them) and there is nothing much left. No further stock will be sent from us. 
All fate Decks, Retro Decks, rulebooks etc are all in stock here and you'll find them at any other stockist in the UK who have ordered them in. Try Firestorm, Wargames Workshop, Waugh Games, Arcane, Wayland Games, Waylands Forge, Spirit Games, Total Wargamer, Worthy Wargaming, Titan Games or any of the dozens of others who have plenty of Malifaux on the shelves. 
We have re-stocks coming in every other week and pretty much running straight out the door to all the stockists, so we're just ordering even more
This is further compunded by Taban Miniatures also cutting their ties with Maelstrom. So, if you have outstanding orders with Maelstrom, try calling them. When they don't answer, contact Paypal and/or your bank and request a chargeback.


  1. I don't care my money back through PayPal after I raised a dispute and waited w/o getting any reply from MG.

    Already spend the money elsewhere...and each time the stuff got shipped within 48h after paying the order through PayPal. Go figure...

  2. Haha. Yeah, Maelstrom is pretty much dead in most peoples eyes now. I post updates because I like beating a dead horse :)

  3. Funny thing... I ordered 10 different template order of 8 and one of two (+a bunch of WM/H stuff). In the end I paid for 8, got 8 out of 10, two template sets for WHF I never ordered and a WM/H set I didn't order either...

    And when read the part about "debt purchase company", I had an image crossing my mind of some thugs with a bad Russian accent, visiting the Eye of the Storm and trying to collect the debt. "Your broke? We take your liver too". :D

  4. It's the guy from that comes collecting the debt, or kidneys and liver. Sometimes both. You never know. :)

  5. true, I also like the evolution of their vouchers... every new mail they shot out has a new voucher, topping the one before in a style similar to the Unreal Tournament kill messages... just instead of double kill and multi kill, we got final sale and final-final sale.

    What's coming next?

    Ultimate sale