Friday, August 6, 2010

Six down, fourteen to go.

Flash did fire

So... that's six of them. Only fourteen more to do. Adding grass and sealant will be done when all 20 of them are painted.

Hopefully I can get a full day of painting done tomorrow. Which would mean that I'm finally done with them this weekend. I'm not expecting that to happen though. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. :)

I counted what's left and it kinda scared me. 5 more of the kanz, one battlewagon, 10 shootas, 10 stormboyz + nob. One warboss, 5 nobz and 10 kommandoz (waiting for the Forge World kit to arrive). After that I'm finally done with my orks... sort of. So around x-mas I'm finally able to work on other stuff, hopefully. Those 1500 points of grey Ultramarines is kinda screaming at me to get painted.

The scary/bad part of it is that with orks / horde armies is that you really can't put as much time into them as you'd want. These sluggas kinda prove that point. If you want it done, in reasonable time, you really have to compromise and paint with speed in mind. No fancy weathering, no fancy shading. Two layers of highlights at the most. Heavy use of washes etc.

The upside of it is of course that noone will be able to really look at the paintjob once they're on the table. It's just too many of them. So as long as they pass the one meter test (that's three feet for you imperial units people) it's fine.

I still want to spend a week on each mini though. :/

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