Sunday, August 15, 2010

the Thunderous 40K finale

Im just home from Uppsala after having watched the finals of an informal tournament hosted by my very good friend Lifter for his local gaming group and friends.

The tournament was set up mainly as an incitament to get people painting their armies. The first and most important rule was that everything had to be painted to an acceptable standard. Three colors, and details. No counts-as, and everything had to be WYSIWYG unless vetted by mr Lifter!

As a booster the price for the winner was €30 at Fantasia, the FLGS in Uppsala. An ad hoc price for most painted / effort was instituted as well.

Points played were decided by the least common denominator. If you only had 1050pts painted your opponent only played 1050 pts. Up to 1500 points.

(I was invited to play with my orks, and was soundly beaten in the first round by Space Wolves. It was a very close game, but nevertheless I lost.)

In the finals was Kristian, with chaos space marines. and Martin, playing chaos demons squaring off. A batrep of the final is coming up within the next 48hrs, i just have to write a more coherent story from the notes i took during the game (another use for the iPad in gaming. Can you spot the fanboyism coming? ;)) and check that I got all my facts straight. Mostly since I'm totally unfamiliar with how chaos demons work. There was a lot of "They can do that?" from me during the game. :)

In the meantime, hit the more link for some pics from the final. Both players had a 1500pts of really well painted and converted models. I cant really decide if Christians Defiler-temple or Martins greater demon of Tzeentch was the coolest model on the board. Both were equally awesome in different ways. (By the way, check out Kristians battle-church here. Simply astounding!)

Defiler battle-temple.

CSM forces.

It was a -very- well documented battle! :)

Martin (Demons), Kristian (CSM), the Broodmother Hanna (Tyranids), Lifter (TO), P-G. 


Greater deamon of Tzeentch. Note the epic marines on the chessboard!

Checking LOS.

Nurglings. One of them found a helmet!

More demons! 

The combatants shaking hands after a very tense fight!

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