Thursday, August 26, 2010

Games Workshop is kinda funny...

GW posted on their blog today about the upcoming Realm of Battle workshop. Under one of the pictures the following was written:
When I showed up in the morning, Blake had undercoated the gameboard Chaos Black, and I found 18 pots of Scorched Brown paint and a Scenery Painting Pack waiting for me.
18 pots of Scorched Brown? They're priced at €3 / $4. Come on! That's $70 in just basecoat?

Now I know they have to promote their own product, but sometimes it gets kinda hysterical. But I guess it's nice to give people an estimate of how much paint they'll need to cover a board. And the gullible ones will go buy their RoB and 18 pots of paint.

My recommendation would be to go to a craft store and buy whatever is equivalent to Skorched Brown – or whatever color you'd prefer as a basecoat – for about a tenth of the price. 3 cans of spray paint from your local graffiti store will work as well. Just don't go and buy 18 pots of Citadel paint. Ok?


  1. I couldn't agree more. When it comes to scenery I'm all about the $1 craft paint you can get at any craft store. Not only is it cheaper but you get a ton more of it. That entire board could have been covered for $1.

  2. True - but then again if I was painting for them, knowing that my bitzbox was theoretically bottomless and I had free paint for whatever use I wanted, I for one would be a lot more experimental. Hmm, 18 pots of Scorched Brown didn't look good? Oh well, spray it black again and let's try 18 pots of a different shade...

  3. Yes, I especially admire their special primer at $15 per can. That is why I buy flat (whatever my basecoat color is)for $1.99 a can at Wal-mart.