Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, by the way. Say hello to Lifter.

With that rather unfortunate story, Lifter has joined the ranks of posters here at PX40K. I guess we'll have to switch the name of the blog some day now that it's not only me. :)

Lifter called me one day, about a year ago and we talked the normal bullshit we talk about. Cameras, lenses, zombies and then he said "Oh, I've started to play this '40K'! It's actually pretty cool, it's what the stole the setting from and used in Gears of War!" and I was all like "OMG!". Ever since I stopped playing, slightly after 2nd ed., I've had this urge of just collecting figures and painting again. But while growing up to become an "adult" you suddenly get other priorities and if none of your friends play 40K it's kinda hard to motivate yourself to go buy €500 of plastic stuff.

Summer 2009. About a week after I talked to Lifter on the phone.
The first half of the shipment.

So... I bought €500 of plastic stuff. Lifter bought a ton of plastic stuff as well. And here we are, one year later and it's "all 40K, all the time". (We do shoot the shit about cameras, zombies, BBC documentaries and stuff as well. Don't worry.)  Lifter paints extremely well (just not RoB-boards). I hope he'll put up some pictures of his marines later on. And I think he'll be the perfect co-host of the blog since he's more of a beginner and I'm more of a "Remember when there was mad boyz?".

So. With that said. Say hello to Mr. Lifter! :)

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  1. Yay! Looking forward to even more activity on the blog! So, Lifter... start cranking out more lovely stuff asap! hehe :)