Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just shoot me, again.

There's this thing with limited edition stuff that I just can't resist. I was happily browsing BoLS or something when I suddenly saw that the Dreamer and Lord Chompy was avaliable to order on the Wyrd site during GenCon.

And I haven't even opened the Malifaux stuff I bought earlier!!! >_<

Ah well, what to do? :)


  1. Give in.
    Malifaux is peace and serenity.
    Stop resisting.
    Come to our side...

  2. LOL Px, you're gonna get stuck in an unending minature spiral!

  3. @Falk I'm so there... no more resisting from me!

    @Stefan I'm thinking of hiring three chinese people / dwarves / kobolds to paint all my stuff. This is turning into a grey plastic disaster!! :)