Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tutorial: Czech out my hedgehogs! Part two.

Welcome back to the second part of the Czech Hedgehog tutorial. Now it's time to build some bases for your hedgehogs. You know the drill, hit "more" for... more!

For the bases I used 5mm thick foamboard. Cut it at a preferrable length and width. I used 70mm 330mm for mine. The angled cutting tool leaves some scrap material. Use that and glue it on in random places on the foundation. This is to make the ground a bit uneven and more realistic. The foamboard will be pretty elastic, so you might want to add some plasticard underneath to give it more rigidity. YMMV.

Foamboard with extras glued on for variety in height.

Marking out where the hedgehogs should stand.

Mark out where you want your hedhehogs and start covering the area with white glue and grit. The less uniform it gets the better. This will later on be covered in Vallejo Black Lava in order to give it even more structure. So if you're planning to add big stones or something, wait with that.

Adding gravel and building up irregular levels of dirt.

Gravel used. GF9 Fine, Medium & Coarse Basing Grit.

And there you have it. A base! Amazing isn't it? : ) As you can see from the two following pictures I've glued it onto a piece of plasticard to get some more rigidity. And also added a third hedgehog. The plan is to cover these in barbed wire. You can of course make single hedgehogs if you want more variety in the placing on your battlefield. 

In part three I'll be covering how to paint the hedgehogs and adding barbed wire etc. Until then... happy building!

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