Friday, August 12, 2011

Mercenaries Mariner Finished

Got it kinda done till tomorrow, it's past one and I go to work in 5 hours... I didn't have time for final touches but hopefully it will please the crowd at the contest...

"I'm broke; I know a walking corpse that spit icicle dagger to slit throat
quicker than you can prove there's four letters in hope (h...o...p...e)
I paint a portrait of myself, bored life inside the tortoise shell
tortured, orbiting Hell's orchid, intrigued but not compelled"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Merc Mariner WIP Part 2 / The future of PX40k

The deadline for the contest draws near, and I only have a few hours available to finish it. She won't be pretty but I think it will be alright. It's surprisingly hard to paint with fever shakes though, can't shake this summer cold when I can't afford to stay home from work. [Nooo whining! -ed.]

"With a bisquit on the side like fucking tomb stone"

I think I will have to go heavier on the verdigris, otherwise it's turning out quite as planned, not entirely at home with the chipping technique yet, will try another on the arms.
To do : Raw iron/steel surfaces, details, weathering and basing.
I bought some 1mm balsa wood for plank decking on the base, will do a step by step on that at a later date, 'promise!

The other thing I wanted to bring up was the sad lack of updates lately. We are not going away, nor are we on hiatus. Both me and Pixel have just started new jobs, with all that entails. PX40k will be increasing both quality and output when things have stabilized and all spare time isn't taken up by coma like sleep or teething babies. I can say that there is good stuff going on behind the scenes though, but I don't want to jinx anything yet!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quick Update: Merc Mariner Warjack WIP

I bought a Warjack for a local painting contest, so I thought I would just drop a pic of how I'm doing.

"Guiseppe no sell-a tha cabbage"

I have not decided weather to do the non-green parts bronze or not. It feels odd to pick up the brush after so many months, but eh, why not. My gators arrived a few days ago, a couple of boxes of gatormen, a wrastler, snapper and Barnabas. I bought some tokens and the book aswell, but I dont feel like I will have much use for them, with the stats and rules being on the card and all :)