Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekend Challenge: 30 orks...

30 black orks...

Yeah, sort of. I kinda felt bad for buying all that Malifaux stuff. Especially when I already have a metric ton of models to paint (fortunately no commission stuff). So I set up this challenge to myself.

Before I break the seal on any of the Malifaux stuff, rulebook included. I have to have all these orks painted up. And I really need them as well. I've usually been running mobs of 19 boyz + a PK/BP nob, which hasn't stood up too well against MEQ. Especially not against space wolves. So I'll try running mobs of 29 boyz instead. That'll make them fearless for a while longer, and they'll dish out more pain as well.

Of course, the sluggas will still be in a mob of 20 in order to fit in a battlewagon. But with these painted up I'll be able to run two wagons, or slog 30 of them across the field depending on what I feel like.

Hopefully I'll be done by sunday. They wont be especially complicated. Grey pants, red shirts, brown straps and stuff. So I think I'll be able to do it. Famous last words? :)

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