Friday, August 20, 2010

On the bench: The Short Bus

My sister took of for a vacation to Spain. She has two cats, I have two cats. Now I have four cats! Temporarily at least.

The thing is, pedigree cats are bred for certain looks and characteristics. We both have Cornish Rex (really short haired with big ears). They're bred to be VERY SOCIAL. And I mean VERY SOCIAL! And they're VERY CURIOUS... Normally with two cats that's not too bad. But with four cats, it was a living hell trying to shoo them away from the Shrine of the Aquila while at the same time trying to use turpentine based washes. So I opted for something smaller to work on, something that fit in the spray booth. Like that battle wagon I've been having in the box for a couple of months now.

So... enter "The Short Bus"! Nothing special at the moment. Just primed and the first coats and highlights of yellow on it. I have to figure out a good way to make the stripes on the sides. It's a ton of detail I have to put masking tape on. And how to get red paint in there somehow.

I think I'll just paint the front panel above the window slit in red and write "GO FASTA!" on it. Or perhaps I can try to persuade my opponents that it's actually red?! It's just that the grot painting it was color blind. And it might look yellow, but since he painted it in the go fasta color. It's actually a go fasta battlewagon, in red?

Here's my reference picture. It's gonna be awesome having 20 mentally challenged orks riding around in it later on.

(Riding the short bus: noun. (derogatory) school bus shorter in length than a conventional school bus commonly used to transport students with physical or mental handicaps.)


  1. Get a little red stop sign on the side(model train supply) and write go faster in black on it.

  2. LOL that would rock! Fix the sign Px! ;)