Friday, August 27, 2010

So you think you're pretty ace at painting?

Ultarmarines from the Diorama section over at Stuff of Legends.
At least I try to think that I am. Then I look at the US Golden Demon 2010 entries and realize that many of my models that I consider to be "pretty dang good" barely would be able to enter in the Youngbloods section.

Which also makes me pretty goddang impressed! :)

It's also nice to check out the winning entries and see that the highlighting and shading techniques isn't just as smooth as they look when viewed in 1:1 scale or in White Dwarf. Still awesomely good. But not unreachable. Then of course you'd [I would at least] have to learn to do proper NMM, have a good grasp of composition and the ability and concentration to actually sit and do cape-highlights for a whole week. But let's forget that and just think, for a moment, that it's actually within reach to stand there with a golden demon in one hand, while raising a slayer sword with the other. Hearing the crowd cheer, the lamentations of women and...

At least for moment? :)

Don't forget to watch this video from the Spikey Bits blog as well...

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