Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On the bench: Shrine of the Aquila

So, every time I looked at the sluggas I have left to paint I felt like I wanted to poke a brush in my eyes. Or not really, they just had to rest a little. Like most of the WIP stuff. But I had this urge to paint something, something easy. The Shrine I bought a month ago sprung to my mind. Since it's HUGE it would be pretty easy to build up the base and then just airbrush it. Large surfaces = airbrush = fast painting.

Oh how wrong I was. There's of course a ton of details. And the different wall sections are different. Not to mention that there's about a hundred skulls (Seriously GW, why the skull-madness?). Masking everything would take almost as much time as painting by hand. So I started to do a bit of both.

It's perfect for cats to hide behind!
So here it is. Most of the gold stuff is painted and soon I can start to wash and weather. And I sure hope the washes will cover up all the tiny mistakes. With big stuff like this there's usually a ton of small mistakes after a while. And while no one else might see them, I sure do. And that leads to poking my eyes with brushes. We can't have that! :)

The base is kinda bare at the moment. I don't really know what to do with it. One idea is to cover it with debris and stuff. But that also makes it a hassle to place models on it while playing. Any ideas?

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