Thursday, August 26, 2010

The woe of limited edition stuff / Malifaux Rising Powers

I haven't really been able to do much hobby stuff lately. It's one of those periods in life as a freelance designer where you have to work constantly, or think about work constantly. So getting some peace of mind until yesterday which was delivery-day was just not possible.

To my great surprise the stuff I ordered from Wyrd arrived. The limited GenCon version of Lord Chompy Bits and that new supplement Rising Powers.

I have to say I'm a bit torn regarding limited edition stuff. I'm not that "buy and put in safe"-type of guy. But I do know that some stuff will be worth a lot more if you really can say "un-opened box" and put it up on eBay for a stupid amount of money.

More on that later. This is going to be a rant, so I'll put in a page jump here for those of you completely uninterested in Malifaux. Hit that "more" link to read it all.

About Rising Powers... it kinda sucked to be honest. Sure, a ton of new characters and minions to use. And expanded ruleset. And a ton of fluff-stories. But where's the inspiring pictures? They have a full color rulebook and most of it is just text and a few pictures of actual models and illustrations that seldom are more than sketches.

I want to see their gaming boards (they use the same old one in this book). More of the terrain -they- use. Something that Games Workshop is really good at. Showing you pictures of cool stuff you can add to really give it that Warhammer 40K/FB-feeling. Sure, the Terraclips-thingie coming out adds "some" feeling. But where's the "How to model gothic western buildings?" or the "We kinda wanted it to look like this when we think Victorian Horror"? I want to read and get really inspired. Not only by stories (that are kinda too long and not that well written) but also by pictures. I want to be able to pick up my full color rulebook and browse it, looking at pictures, while waiting for that last episode of Jersey Shore to download.

Ah well, I guess I can't have it all? :)

So about that limited edition issue... I said "Fuck it!" and tore it open. Mainly because I actually intend to paint it. But also because it was said to be absolutely huge.

Blue-tacked together with the Dreamer sitting in his lap.

And yes... it IS absolutely HUGE. I would say it's BUGE. Perhaps not compared to GW figures. It's like a big 40K demon. But compared to the more realistically modeled Malifaux-figures it is huge!

Qualitywise it was really good. I can only compare to the very few metal GW-figures I've bought in the recent year since it ain't fair to compare it to the dragons and bigger models I bought back in 1990-ish. And I guess that if this would be a production model, the moulds would've made a warped KillaKan style figure after a while. Anyhow... quality is good. The details are crisp and the different parts will go together without much greenstuffing/filing. Not much flash to talk about.

It doesn't show in the pictures. But Wyrd has made sure to include pegs and corresponding holes in most of the parts. Sadly not on the waist. Which can be good, it's got more poseability, but since it's so much metal on the upper part of the figure. It's also one of the weaker joins on the figure.

It would've been nice to get base inserts. But it's also limited so I guess most will make amazing scenic bases for it and not use any base inserts. So all in all it gets 38 out of 40 millennia.

Allt the parts laid out. Standing / solitary Dreamer not in picture.

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