Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to hobby when you don't have the time

Buy books. Read them to and from work. At least that's what I've done.

In order to keep the hobby-addiction running I occasionally have to work. In my case that usually means meeting people, meeting even more people, talking about what graphic design really is and how you – with small means – can go from "Looking like Russia" to "Looking like a confident business that you'd like to do business with". (I actually used those two phrases during a client meeting yesterday. Which netted me an assignment with them. Win win! :)) And then I have to sit down, write a ton of agreements and stuff and about 30% of my actual work is actual graphic design. Oh, the glamorous world of being a graphic designer!

To the subject at hand though... reading material. This just recently arrived from the good guys and girls at Black Library.

Horus Heresy: Nemesis, Legends of the Space Marines & Fear the Alien

Really looking forward to put my teeth into Fear the Alien since it contains "the first ever ork viewpoint story". It has to be either really good and funny or a literary catastrophe. I just have to finish Helsreach first.

Tomorrow I'm going to Uptown to watch the finale of a very local 40K tournament. Haven't written much about it since I got beaten by space wolves in the first round. By a small margin though. Three objectives on the map. I held one, the puppies held one, and the one in middle was held by noone. So it came down to points killed. I think I killed 640pts of puppies and my opponent killed like 645pts of orks. Really close and even though it sucks to have to determine a win like that it was really tense while we tallied up the points so it didn't feel too bad. :)

This post is dedicated to Lifter who sent me a message earlier asking if I had stopped writing. "You promised a post every second day or so!". Lifter, this is one is for you!

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