Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plastic Daemon Prince WIP, Slight Conversion work

So, I finally realised that I would never finish that other DP project I started, and got myself one of the "new" plastic Daemon Prince Kits. I like that Games Workshop try to do as much plastic models as possible, but this kit did not get it right in my opinion. The arm options are stupid, why three almost exactly the same weapon arms? why only two very odd left ones? The kit fits quite good together, but it is a shame that they can't eliminate gaps even with fancy CADing.
I pretty much swore to never buy this, but the pain in using the metal alternatives made me give in and pay up, you have to support the company when they try to improve themselves afterall.

I can't say I am fond of this "Cartoon-evil" style Chaos are going towards. Yes, taste is very subjective, so I can't put the kit down for that, I just wish Chaos would be more grimdark than Orks...

"Would you look at this fucking love connection"

I did a quite simple head swap with the Balrog kit from the LoTR series, which changed the tone of the model quite a lot. Quick and dirty, but at least I won't feel ashamed when I deploy him.

"Purple raaaain, purple rain"


I will try to finish the base tomorrow and then I will wait for access to the airbrush again.
I really should get to finishing something soon...

Forgeworld Kommandos done

Sneaky gitz!
Actually they were done last sunday when I went to play with Boomo. I just hadn't the time to put up pictures of them until now.

Stuff that goes boom!

The cost of these is not that much more than buying the metal ones, even with the added 15% shipping from Forgeworld. Taking into account that you have to buy a box of boyz (but if you play orks, you already have one or three of those "just in case"?). You get one more kommando-boy + that cool axe wielding nob to boot. And of course, really fun stuff to paint for only about a cost of 25% more.

Even though I got kinda bored of them after the third one they were still really fun to paint. I really like the stitching on the backpacks. And all the grenades! I kinda chickened out on the grenades. After doing some research there were tons of cool grenades I could've painted them up as. But I kinda settled on the regular US M18 smoke grenade style. Even though militaria buffs will know that the grenade with red stripe is actually modeled after the M34 white phosporous grenade.

The rust effects was done with the washes from Mig. A lot of layering had to be done with them on the kommandos, which kinda made it take a lot of time instead of just slapping on some rust pigments. It didn't disappear when varnishing though, which is a plus. They are made for irregular surfaces apparently, and I guess Games Workshop-style weapons aren't compared to the super intricate detail you find on most military scale models. Still, they're really nice where you want transparent rust effects.

Aaanyhow! They will most likely get rebuilt a little once / if they go full kommando and not moonlighting as Flash Gitz as they do now. Adding a silencer or so to the guns making them more sneaky, and perhaps a lazor or two. Depending on if I can get my hands on some styrene tubing that fits.

Oh, any of you that signed up for the Wayland / Warlord thingie earlier gotten your sprue? I know they were kinda slow when they did that with the Mantic sprues earlier. I just want to know if I still have to go check the mailbox thrice every day. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look mom! It's a Sandy Claws!

Had to do some painting today. My entire body was itching to get something painted. Luckily the figure I got to give away to Boomo as a chaos sorcerer came in the mail. Perfect! :)

I don't know why, but the thought of having a Santa Claus as a chaos sorcerer in a C:SM army makes me chuckle a little. So, well... I better take my meds!?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Battlereport: Emos vs. Hipsters


So I took the train to Örebro yesterday to meet up with Boomo for an epic showdown. His wrist slitting emorines versus my tide of green hipsters! Pictures are few since Boomo didn't have a book to read while I moved my countless orks and I didn't want to bore him with "Hang on, I'm just gonna shoot that move you did"-stuff. But nevertheless I got some pics. You can even see the dudes in the club playing some warmahordes stuff in the background.

The lists we used are here (orks) and here (chaos marines). I wanted to try out a modified version of my torney list that Papa D made for me earlier. (More about that later…) Boomo, he just wanted to beat my face and have a good time. He's like Wolverine, but nerdier.

The first game of two was Capture and Control, with Dawn of War deployment. I got to go first. Possibly the worst kind of deployment type for me. Having my lootas in reserve kinda sucks since I can't use them to control where the enemy transports go. That is before they get shot at and run from the table. :) Objectives were placed in the two buildings in the middle of the board, on each side. Imaginative of us!

So I deployed my two squads of sluggas in the middle-ish together with the Mek and hoped for the best. Not having played a game in six months really started to show this early. I had absolutely no clue on what to do… Boomo deployed his two CSM-squads in their rhinos on the opposite side.

Boomo using a whippin' stick to deploy.

The battle was kinda "head on". Nothing really spectacular happened. We both had kinda OK reserve-rolls, or at least I think I had... still no clue whatsoever. :) The contents of his rhinos met my slugga boys in the middle. Chopping them up pretty good with their Mark of Khorne stuff. The right squad, in which I had my Big Mek actually got destroyed, leaving my Mek heading for the board edge... That felt kinda bad. :)

Turn one, my objective in the middle and Boomo's in the house on the opposite side.

His Obliterator (the dude in the top pic) came on via deepstrike in the middle to meet my Deff Dread, I deployed my kanz to the right in order to make sure his plague marines in the black rhino didn't zoom around hitting my right flank. Basically putting them and their DCCWs out of action. BS3 rokkitz don't do too much to be honest.

Just before the sluggs to the right gets it real bad and disappear in a pink mist...

During turn 3 I managed to get my shootas on the field. And my Big Mek, who now had rallied (go Big Mek!) joined up with them while the 'Blit hammered on my Dread. A fight that kept on almost the entire remainder of the game. That obliterator just refused to die!

On the upside, my gitz can actually ride in the wagon!

I tried to deffrolla the dreadnoughts, and came short by a few inches (pretty rusty, eh?) due to me being scared of moving too close to them and having the battlewagon killed by their DCCWs.

Turn 5 ended up with a huge melee at my objective. One of his rhinos contesting it while I bitterly tried to kill off his other CSM-squad with my shootas & mek.

The dread(ed) alley!

By turn six the 'blit finally died, as did my battlewagon I was going to use to contest Boomos objective and the gitz in it ran away since they had no bosspole and a leadership of basically zero (everything under 10 is really worthless -.-). And the game ended there.

I thought I had lost, but as Boomo pointed out, he had no troops at his objective meaning that it ended up with a tie! We didn't bother with killpoints and stuff, said GG and actually had time for another game before I had to take the train home.
Opponents note: I was convinced I would have the time to claim Pixels objectives with my CSM squads, but that damn deff dread soaked so much damned melta and powerfists, tarpitting my units till time ran out, and the Plaguemarines came 3 inches short of claiming my objective. I felt I dominated most of the game, but the last turns his hammerunits really caught up, and his walkers where truly the MVPs of this game.

End of last turn. Note that CSM still standing even though I had 30 boyz pummeling him and his squad… -.-

Game two was supposed to be Dawn of War again, but we decided it kinda sucked and rolled the dice again. Turned out to another capture and control game with spearhead deployment.

Having 70 orks on the table meant that I had to cram everything into my corner (I really dislike reserves), Boomo on the other hand had a bit more space. Putting down his three rhinos and the plague marines with the 'blit on his objective. My goal was to have my grots on my objective and charge headlong into his objective. Hammer, meet anvil!

Boomo went first, zooming his rhinos down the middle and his dreads went kinda erraticaly down the table as well. One of them went for my deffkopta that I had turbo boosted on the right in order to hopefully be able to hide it and do an eldar-style last turn objective contesting. I had hoped for it to be such a minor target that he wouldn't move his dreads towards it. The dice was against me though and Boomo rolled "crazed" on one of the dreads and had to move it as far as possible towards the lonely kopta... -.-

Deployment... lots of orks.

Meanwhile we met in an epic scrap in the middle. My deff-dread got immobilized pretty early in the game, but the Mek managed to repair it in turn three, after shaking it during turn two due to his over-zealous tinkering.

Nothing really happened after that. Turn two saw most of our forces locked in combat one way or another. One squad of lootas got shot up badly and ended up running for their lives (I kinda notice a trend with these MSU-lootas). And of course, the deffkopta really ate it. :)

Turn three was a blood bath. I thought I was clever when I used my deffrolla to explode the black rhino, but of course that was the empty one (his plague marines was camping at the objective) and Boomo said "Trollface!" and smiled. Bastard!

After that everything was more or less locked in hand to hand combat. That mark of Khorne-stuff is really nasty. Especially when I don't get the charge in and have to eat a bunch of high initiative blows.

End of game. Huge scrap in the middle. The paper and stuff is ad hoc "exploded vehicle" markers.

In a desperate attempt to get to his objective I used my kanz do kill a rhino and then rushed to the house, losing two of them during two turns. In the meanwhile his last dread (my Deff Dread killed the other one) – with the help of a CSM squad – smashed through a bunch of sluggas and my gitz AND my mek and straight onto the grots screening my objective.

Last turn ended up with my grots in desperate hand to hand with the dread, drawn from the objective due to pile in moves and stuff. My last remaining Killa Kan smashed through a bunch of walls and ended up contesting Boomos objective.


A tie... again! How hard can it be to win?!!

All in all, two great games. I was really pleased to finally use my orks. Six months without playing is way too long! The performance of my orks were a bit dissapointing though. One might think that a mob of 30 orks would tear through stuff and blast faces. In reality, especially against CC-oriented MEQ, they get a beating. I need more boyz!

Opponents Note: I was really concerned going into this game, that green tide is quite intimidating all set up in. I got a bit more confident when Deff Dread got stuck early on, and one of my dreads got stuck in with the big squad of boys. The other dread unfortunately suffered from ADD and ran away, chasing that single Deff Kopta and then dieing from mass Deffgun fire because he was standing out in the open. His walkers yet again performed amazingly and both of my CSM squads got slaughtered when my powerfist attacks failed to stop them. The Chainfist Terminator finally killed the Deff dread but when the game ended on turn six, I had no time to get that Kan away from contesting. Overall a great day of gaming, and I hope Pixel dares to come back for another slugfest

My lootas continued to be a disappointment. The few times they shot at stuff they either didn't put out enough shots or they missed. And then got shot off the board. I'm starting to look at using tankbustas instead. They aren't as hard hit by the swedish comp system (you can download it here) and can tag along / hide in the mass of orks. A bosspole might help them from getting shot off the table as well...

The Deff Dread was amazing though. Not so much for killing stuff, but he drew tons of fire and managed to tarpit units pretty well. Probably even better if I hadn't have to worry about how the rules worked.

Talking about rules. I thought "This is how people must feel" when I overheard the rules discussions coming from the warmahordes tables. I had absolutely NO idea of what they were talking about, and they had weird little army men and shiny tokens running around the table. Strange stuff indeed. :)

Oh, and I have to thank the guys in the club before I sign off. It was a bunch of really friendly guys, not afraid to ask questions about my orks. It's always a little scary to travel 2hrs to play with people I don't know. But I felt almost immediately at home! Thanks! :)

Now I'm off to paint more orkses... I realized that I might as well paint up 30 more of them. Just in case... a week ago I felt like I was almost done with 'em. After these two games... not so much. Need more boyz!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Forgeworld Chaos Renegade test painted

I was supposed to paint up my cow-man-dos, but all the fiddling with the new stuff made it itch and I had to make a test paint to see how easy/hard it was to paint the renegades.

All in all it feels like a welcome break from all the cartoony orks I've been painting for the last two years. The problem – if you can call it that – is that these figures really screams for a more realistic style of painting. With less striking highlights and more shading.

The paint scheme didn't really come out as I wanted. Mostly because of the pigments going away when applying the matte varnish. In this case 50/50 satin & matte. Before varnishing the legs were way more earth colored. Something I have to figure out if it's possible to avoid later on.

The uniform is pretty uniform. Something I'll have to ponder for a while. It is pretty realistic to have it as uniform as I have it now, but having 50 of these rather dull figures on the table might be either too dull or making it all come together. I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and paint up a bunch more and see how it looks.

Any suggestions? Comments? Let me know. I'm all ears for any C&C before I commit to painting them all.

Now I'm off to finish the Cow-men. Tomorrow is field trip day. I'm off to lovely Örebro to give Boomo a proper spanking with my orkzes. Although I guess it's me that will get the spanking. I haven't played a proper game of 40K in 6 months or so. We'll see... I promise you a battle report no matter what happens! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hoarding Forgeworld for fun and profit

Pus for the Pus-God! Forgeworld Vraks Renegades.

Apparently it's not enough to have 1500pts of space marines to paint, together with the Warhound and tons of other stuff. Got to have more! Must have more!!!

So today the UPS-van arrived, again, with a big package from Forgeworld. The dudes (once there was this kinda nice girl delivering my parcels) kinda know me by now. That's how bad this addiction is. Blah blah blah... I got enough stuff to convert 50-ish guardsmen into Chaos renegade militia.

I kinda justify the purchase to myself since my orks are more or less "done" now. After the commandos are done I need to paint two nobs and then that's it. The Ultramarines... meh. At the moment not so exciting as putting together a wall of human meat ready to die for Papa Nurgle.

But still... Why is it that you have to buy more 40K stuff than you need?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

ADD Strikes Again: Forgeworld Death Guard WIP

I have slipped into a very Nurgle-y mood lately, so I decided to begin painting my Death Guard. I found it surprisingly hard to pose them well. I don't know if it's just me, but I could not get the arms to fit properly without greenstuffing.

Pixelpusher was kind enough to airbrush the zenithals on them a while back, but they have been sitting in the foam since I got them back, just begging to be painted.

"Charlie in the trees!"
"Let's put one of those beefy arms back on him for good measure."

I am very pleased with the colors, Vallejo has such great tones that feel very different from Citadel Paints. As always my painting skills detract from the great forgeworld sculpts, but I could not"not buy" them... So much character and detail, I hope the plastic Plague Marines will have a similar feel when they get updated.

[Editors update]

It's really nice to see these painted. As Boomo said I had them sent to me to do a quick zenital basecoat on them. Why? I take every chance I can to bring out the airbrush. Even doing just basecoats makes you more comfy with the airbrush which equals better paintjobs in the end. 

Zenital highlights is also one of the quickest ways to paint marines – unless you dip them of course – and the end result after a wash or two and quick line-highlights is remarkable. Especially considering that a squad of 10 takes about 3-4hrs in total. 

Don't ask me why I haven't painted my Ultramarines yet. I blame work and the orks!

Here's how they looked when they left my house. Still in the spray booth, which is highly recommended even though we just spray non-toxic acrylics.

A word of advice is to make them a little lighter during the zenital since any wash applied will darken the model. That is if you want to wash the entire figure instead of using spot washes. Both have their use. Plan ahead! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Forgeworld Kommandoz continued, one down...

... six to go.

Not much to it. Painted up one of them fully – sans weathering – just to see how it all would fit together. And I guess it worked out pretty OK. Still a bit too monotone for my liking but that's the effect you get when aiming for a more "uniform"-look. Hopefully it'll all come together once I've based them and have them together as a group.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

On The Table: Forgeworld Dreadnought

I have Painting ADD, I admit it, and I stand by it. I abandonded Zhufor and the Berzerkers for now and got to painting my Nurgle Dreadnought instead. I was quite scared of painting him, the incredible amount of detail is quite daunting, and I always doubt my painting ability.

The build was quite straight forward with only minimal gapfilling, I have heard that many have had problems with the ForgeWorld Venerables, but I think since this model is quite new, the old issues with the powerplant etc. have been corrected
It was surprisingly well cast, and everything fit without any hassle when the mandatory flash was cut off. The arms are magnetised for hotswapping and weapon destroyed results. The Waist is magnetised too but seems to have gotten stuck after the greenstuff got glued, I don't want to start bending it to much, it is resin after all..

This Far I am pretty pleased with the paint job. After about Six hours I have a lot left though, I have still to decide on how the metal should be done, and I need to go to the hobby store tomorrow to get some paint for the highlights etc.

I also got to working on an objective marker, already finished a "fuel" marker, so now I wanted a "more Dakka" marker

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the table: Forgeworld Ork Kommandos

Sneaky gitz…
Some of you remember the Max Mini ork bodies I bought earlier to make flash gitz. Now I don't want to say that they were bad or anything. But for me they just didn't "do it". Then I saw the running legs and ork veteran heads from Kromlech (I still have the cannon that I haven't painted -.-) and I was kinda bummed since they totally were "doing it".

I just couldn't justify buying even more stuff, not with the Warhound looking at me with puppy eyes begging me to paint it. So I kinda decided that the kommandoz I bought way earlier would work as a great stand-in for Flash Gitz. Not completely kosher. But I'll use them as a counter-charge unit. So the choppy bitz fits in with their intended use. And they really have dakka enough in and on their backpacks to pass as having the More Dakka rule.

So… a quick WIP. I got tired when it was time to paint the metal parts. As usual, since they're orks, there is tons of it. Check back for updates later in the week, hopefully I have them done by sunday, hopefully...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review: Arachnarok

So, I was at the GW-store with Lifter to even out my grown-up-points after buying a wrist brace for my carpal tunnel (too much WoW). The first thing I saw when entering the store, apart from the gaggle of teens spilling paints all over one table (no I'm not exaggerating) was the Spider. I had to have the Spider. I have absolutely -no- idea when I'll get the time to paint it, or what to do with it. But I had to have the Spider!

Once I plucked it from the shelf I heard one of the redshirts behind me saying "You need two!" and I knew it was time for "The hard sell". Now I usually like to play along a little, it's like a game. But now I actually had a real question for the dude in red shirt. How poseable is the spider? I hadn't read any proper reviews before entering the store and I was kinda worried that the legs would be unipose in order for the Spider to enable paint spilling teens to build it.

Well, the red shirt said "You can pose it pretty much as you want. The body is fixed though." and showed me the one in the glass cabinet, talking about branches or something that it could stand on. I guess it was answer enough and I said thanks and went for the Grey Knights codex, talking with Lifter about codex creep and stuff. We looked at the codex, said "OMGLOL" and paid for the Spider (after a lot of "Do you have glue?" and stuff that didn't end until Lifter tried to sell the cashier the dice with "Do you really have this color of dice? You need two cubes!")

Aaaaanyhow, the idea I had in mind was to make the Spider look like it was posed to strike. A little like this mouse spider.

Legs spread, ready to strike.

Now, lets get to the point. The spider is -not- poseable at all. The legs slot in to the body with square notches leaving no room at all for any deviations from what you see on the official pictures. I guess the red shirt was just as clueless as ever. And I was gullible enough to take his answer as fact.

If you're a little handy with the greenstuff it will be no biggie filing away the notches and making the legs like you want them. I decided not to, but instead to build it and get a feel for how the actual model worked. Spider #2 will be like I want it.

It's one really well designed model. The legs slot in perfectly with the body, and the rearmost legs even has notches on the rear part of the body to give them a little more stability. The same goes for almost every other part of the Spider that, after some fiddling, almost clicked in place. Instructions are "OK". 3D-renders like in most of the new kits. Still not as fiddly and confusing as some of the 1/35 scale model instructions. I swear that some of the manufacturers take pride in making near unreadable instructions!

In the box you get two sprues, one for the goblin howdah (that I didn't use) and one for the Spider itself.

As you can see from the picture. This is one HUGE model. Just as big as the 1:35 scale Dragon Models PzKpfw IV I'm building. Although with about 200 fewer parts.

You will need some modelling putty for the spider, such as the Vallejo 401 or green stuff, since there are some really nasty and visible joins. Most noticed on the head part and rear of the body. It's nothing major though. Nowhere near the amount of filling you had to do on the oldschool killa-kanz (oh the horror).

So there it is. The Arachnarok. I'd say it's good value for your money. Even more if you play with square bases. Painting this will be a treat. Tons of details and it's almost like it's designed to be drybrushed and still look awesome.

Check back in a year or so to read the "Arachnarøk, painted" post! :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Resurrection Of A Land Raider: The Project Hate XL

So, I have had this busted Land Raider for more than 10 years. It came with a box of marines I bought, so it must have been one of the old megaforce sets. Anyway, I tried to assemble it back then, with no real clue, or care really how it should look. I then followed me around in one of my old boxes of stuff, collecting dust, getting more beat up.
Last year when I started playing 40k "for srsly" I remembered the old beast and tried to just paint him up and play, but since it looked like shit, I just played without it. Now I feel like I need it in my list again.

The two things to be done was first to strip the paint back off of it, and the fix the worst part; The seams! This thing could be used as a sieve, so many gaps and ill fitting parts, the worst being the top piece that did not connect properly to the tracks or the power plant.

I stripped it using "Yes Power Spray" also known as "Fairy" outside of scandinavia.
It pretty much melts the paint and leaves the plastic unharmed, and it does not smell or poison your family and pets, so I could do this in my kitchen sink. If you haven't used it before, clean up any splashes before they dry as it gets harder to remove once dry, and second, It foams a bit while you brush, but resist to wash it off with water as this instantly kills the effect of loosening the paint, so you have to either repeat the soak or just persevere until clean.

Now I just have to carefully cut off the roof and sand, and fill and glue and sand and fill and sand and glue...
*racks shotgun*
Goodbye Cruel World!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

On the painting table: Khorne!

Today I got my first turn with a decent airbrush. I had 10 old Berzerkers in need of paint, and because I hate the models, and so have pushed back painting them, I decided to be lazy.
I must admit, I was a little afraid to use the airbrush, but since I didn't really care how the DerpZerks turned out, the feeling passed, and I just committed to learn the basics of airbrushing.

I recently realised that the Vallejo Model series reds contain cadmium, and thusly should not be airbrushed. Standing in the hobby store I had to kinda wing it and picked the very few reds that is available from the Air range. I considered going to the gaming store to get Citadel or VGC, but I was in a kind of a rush, and in the end, I achieved the tones I was aiming for.

After a day of using, and cleaning (and more cleaning), I think I can easily motivate myself to pay for a decent airbrush of my own in the future. For a gamers uses, priming, basecoating, vehicles etc I see nothing easier and more time saving, the only really tricky part is maintenance and if you use other than VMA style prethinned paint, getting a feel for paint/thinner ratios.

I tried to achieve a zenithal highlight, and I am quite pleased with the results. They don't make for very exciting pictures however, and the lighting in the club is not optimal.

I did get a snap of my count-as Abaddon: Zhufor! He got the same treatment as the Berzerkers when I felt confident enough to do a decent job with the AB. The model makes me wish that ForgeWorld would release all the named characters from the CSM Codex. The level of detail is as always just stunning.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hopes and Ideas for next CSM book

With the new Grey Knights codex being released in a few weeks, The heady smell of cheddar got me thinking about CSMs next codex. I feel pretty hopeful now that Cavatore has quit, Gav writes for Black Library and Jervis Johnson doesn't do much at all..

It's seems like GW has stepped away from the ultra slimmed codices that was released around 06-07 (DA, CSM, Orks) and they at least try to bring more flavour to the game, with some success, though it is kinda blunt sometimes (I'm looking at you, Mat Ward).
In terms of gameplay, the current codex is not horribly underpowered, but the power creep has left many players wanting. My gripe with the book, besides some points I will adress, is the extreme lack of flavour and options. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but all the daemons in the book are so "meh". It feels like they where trying to give the Chaos Daemons codex a boost by making them so bland here.

Tis scrap is ourz!!!

Ever since he found the bright yellow cloth he fashioned his pants of Skabbog had an extreme luck. This day was no different. He had managed to dodge the 'umies lasbolts countless of times. Even when a huge shell from one of the metal boxies exploded a couple of snotlings away from Skabbog the only injury was some hearing loss in the right ear. Which was alright to him. Now he could make sure to be on the right side of Big Mek Buzzgob (the Great and Tinkery, Esquire) when he barked orders! One lucky grot!

Scuttling along in Buzzgobs step he saw an aspiring loota scurry away from the fight. Something must be out of order. A loota not content shooting in the general direction of the enemy? Squinting his eyes Skabbog saw something blue and shiny glint in the setting sun. Surely this must have been what the loota saw since he was running frantically towards the blue object.

Skabbog started off in the same direction, lugging the heavy bosspole he had made for Buzzgob countless of waaaghs ago. His steps were swift and within just a few paces from the blue object he came up behind the loota and smashed his head in with the bosspole.

TIS SCRAP IS OURZ! he yelled as he stepped up on the pile of scrap. Declaring that whatever he found would belong to Buzzgob, and in return he would perhaps get a cog or two as thanks. Or at least not be yelled at for a few minutes. Skabbog was one lucky grot!

As always, click for Flickr
Today was a slow work-day, which meant I could finish painting the bosspole grot. So slow I even dreamt up a short little story about the figure. I know he/it has a name from Imperial Armour 8, but Skabbog felt appropriate.

I'm still debating if I should use pigments on the base to tie it together with Buzzgobs. I do like using paints instead. It's not as realistic, but gives a little more control. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Touch my boss pole!

Touch the boss pole to go to Flickr…
I got kinda super-inspired while waiting for my project manager to reply to an e-mail. So I started to build on the base for the grot holding Buzzgobs boss pole.

A couple of hours later I was in the same situation, and since the airbrush still was on the table I decided to at least prime it. After I was done, there was still no reply in my inbox. So I went for the hairspray and salt.

The goal is to make the boss pole to look like it's been toted around from waaagh to waaagh for a while. And the salt technique is kinda fun to work with so I really couldn't resist to use it when I had a chance.

Now… the sad thing is that my project manager replied with an e-mail that basically said "You'll be working all night" (FML) so the boss pole is off to the glass cabinets WIP-shelf. Although I'm itching to continue painting now that I have the inspiration.

Ah well... off to the Powerpoint-madness with a business-tip…

Never EVER tell your client that you're actually an ace at making Office-templates and can do that together with the other design stuff. Even though you might be an ace at it and the money is tempting. Office eats your soul! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Game over man!"

Well, was intending to make a battle report for todays games, but I got pretty much raped by my own dice so, meh. Jocke fought a very solid game but I think my rolls f*cked me more than his tactics. The game came down to one wound in round seven, I was close to tying him with my last terminator but failed the last save in close combat.

I always try to learn something new with every game, but after this one I feel kinda confused.
I guess I need to finish my landraider or bench the LC-Terminators, because deep strike and reserve rolls is starting to really annoy me.
I messed up with the lesser daemons and forgot that they could come down on the DP which was contesting his objective.
The new oblit felt very lonely, and died before he could really accomplish anything, so he will probably be benched untill I can finish his friends.
Death Company are mean, and a Storm Raven loaded with a DC team, chaplain, and a DC-Dread, will tear you up if they get the charge, but that I kinda knew already...
I probably should stay away from reserved units altogether, CSM doesn't get enough for their points to survive that much focused firepower. Even with everything in cover, I lost way to many units just from shooting.

Overall I will have to retool my list for the rematch next week @ 1500pts, I just can't shake the feeling that CSM is kinda lacking versus other MEQ

Buzzgob, finally done!

Buzzgob! Click to go to Flickr.
I finally managed to get myself some time to finish Buzzgob! I wanted to do more with the metals but there's a time when you just have to say "Enough!" and finish it. It's still not meant for Golden Demon or something, it's painted to play with. Overall I'm pretty pleased with it anyhow. The OSL came out pretty darn OK and I really like the skintone I managed to get after a bunch of green washes.

The base was done almost completely with pigments. I'm still not too sure if I like it, but it does contrast well with the detailed figure.

Click the picture to go to Flickr and see more views and higher resolution. Any C&C is more than welcome!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

One down, Two to go

Aaaand done! Pretty pleased with the final results, but there was some whining on forums that I did not overload him with a metric fuckton of guns, but that is neither good design, original, or the look I was going for. He has an energy (well slime then) weapon, and a nice claw hand to counts as a PF. He is also slightly larger than a GW Obliterator, modelling for advantage is for pussies

Would like som CC on the build, since it is my first conversion, I want to know what to improve in the future

Friday, March 4, 2011

Slight update, pregame musings

Got down and dirty with the obie, some final touchups and basing to do, then this one is pretty much done. Not too shabby for my first (real) conversion.

He will get his first blood on sunday in a 1750 matchup between my CSM and my friend Jocke's Blood Angels. A friendly game to the death. We recently decided to try and only play 100% painted and WYSIWYG, both as an incentive to just f*cking finish your army, and because playing against a grey plastic ork counting as Lysander is bullshit. Good for Jocke, because he has finished his army (and with speed too!), less so for me. I have the points, sure, but not the list I want to play. I tried to make up for the lack of decent Heavy Support and AT units with a (kinda) tailored list versus MEQ

My list for sunday, not very competetive, but it's all painted at least.

1 Daemon Prince (HQ) @ 155 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; CC Weapon (x1); Wings
Lash of Submission [20]
(would typically not use this classic combo, but I got a really creepy looking custom DP from Jocke to use, so it must be done!)

1 Chaos Sorcerer (HQ) @ 170 Pts
Mark of Tzeentch; Force Weapon; Combi-Bolter
Terminator Armour [10]
Warptime [25] (probably the worst choice in this list, but I wanted an HQ to roll with my terminator unit)

4 Chaos Terminators (Elites) @ 185 Pts
Mark of Slaanesh; Icon Bearer; Chainfist (x1); Lightning Claw (x3);
Combi-Melta (x1); Lightning Claw (x3)
(MoS is a cheap way to dampen furious charge from Jockes BA and to keep hitting first, I would typically take Khorne instead but when I can tailor to MEQ, why not)

1 Chaos Dreadnought (Elites) @ 130 Pts
Front Armour: 12; Side Armour: 12; Rear Armour: 10; Dreadnought CCW;
w/Heavy Flamer; TL Lascannons
(I should probably put this guy on the bench, always underperforms, and "Crazed" can be a pain, but meh. I like Dreads!)

8 Plague Marines (Troops) @ 287 Pts

Mark of Nurgle; ; Blight Grenades; Bolt Pistol (x8); CC Weapon (x8);
Bolter (x6); Plasma Gun (x2); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades

1 Plague Champion @ [73] Pts
Blight Grenades; Mark of Nurgle; Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Fist (x1);
Bolter; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Meltabombs; Personal Icon
(this is the only proxy unit, will use regular CSM instead of my WIP Death Guard )

9 Chaos Space Marines (Troops) @ 260 Pts
Mark of Khorne; Icon Bearer; Bolt Pistol (x9); CC Weapon (x9); Bolter
(x8); Flamer (x1); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades

1 Aspiring Champion @ [55] Pts
Mark of Khorne; Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Fist (x1); Bolter; Frag
Grenades; Krak Grenades
(should probably move some points around and get these guys a melta or two)
1 Chaos Rhino @ [35] Pts

9 Chaos Space Marines (Troops) @ 265 Pts
Mark of Khorne; Icon Bearer; Bolt Pistol (x9); CC Weapon (x9); Bolter
(x7); Meltagun (x2); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades

1 Aspiring Champion @ [45] Pts
Mark of Khorne; Bolt Pistol (x1); Power Weapon (x1); Bolter; Frag
Grenades; Krak Grenades

1 Chaos Rhino @ [35] Pts

17 Summoned Lesser Demons (Troops) @ 221 Pts
CC Weapon (x17)(odd choice you might say, but these are always fun to drop like a rotten meat blocker to keep a forward objective)

1 Obliterator Cult (Heavy Support) @ 75 Pts
Power Fist; Lascannon; Multi-Melta; Plasma Cannon; TL Flamer; TL Meltagun;
TL Plasma Gun
(GOGO Trollerator!, optimally, I would use these in squads of two, and deepstrike for mid/short range tank hunting and maybe plasma dump against MEQ)

Total Army Cost: 1748

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Twinkly lil' toes OF DEATH! / Warhound WIP

From left to right. No highlight, wash. Highlighted and washed. Bare.
Got time to take a break and do something useful, so I finihshed up basecaoting the metal parts on the Warhounds legs.

I'm looking for a more weathered and less contrast-y metal on it. So for the first pass with color I used 50/50 VMA Grey and Gun Metal over a black primer. With just one highlight (Chainmail) and a pass of black wash it really looks like dull metal.

Now it's just the rest to do. And paint all the twiddly skulls (66 of them just on the legs) gold.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Name Is Inigo Montoya, Prepare To Tie!

So, New contributor in the proverbial "hizzaah"
Most people (the few, the beautiful) know me as boomo around the web. I have been actively playing 40k for the last year and a half, but I have been dipping my toes in to the hobby on and off for about ten years.
Firstly I must say I love 40k, the fluff is very rich, and I think the quality of Black Librarys publishings have continually increased over time. I will maybe (probably) whine and rant about GWs usual disconnect from the "reality" of the gaming community, whether it be releases nobody asked for, or rules that make no goddamn sense, but in my heart I love the hobby, and always look forward to new releases.

I play a Nurgle/Khorne CSM army, with focus lately shifting to the smelly boys.
I can not claim to be any good at painting or modeling, but I think I have the willingness to learn and improve.

I would like to show you my latest project (will do a full army list with pictures when everything is painted and I can fucking settle on an army list)
Like most of the old CSM models, the obliterators really suck.
Very uninspired sculpts, and I will go as far as to say that the previous version was better, in concept at least. When the Fantasy River Trolls got released last year, I saw the potential of the ugly bastards, but the box I got was put on a shelf and forgotten. 8 or so months later I finally got around to finish one last night!

Will Update with paint and progress on the other two, pixel gave me some new ideas to make them even more gnarly (gnarly as Gnarly Sheen)

PEACE I'M OUT *drops mic, on foot, cries*