Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quick Snapshot, WIP KV-1

Remember the KV-1 that I posted earlier? It turned out to be one real fun tank to paint. So when Diablo 3 hasn't been occupying all my time (my life is 99% Diablo at the moment -.-) I've gotten around to painting it.

Trying on a slower technique of weathering instead of slapping on some pigments. Basically much higher contrast and with a lot of layering with oil washes/paints. For now I'm pretty pleased with how it's developing. Still have to muddy it up a little with pigments later on due to their amazing ability to look gritty.

The base colour is from AK-Interactives Soviet Green modulation pack. I'm sort of in love with it. Just the perfect mix of pigments with a slight hint of yellow. I added a filter of yellow ochre on top of it just to make it look more vivid.