Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maelstrom Games, the end?!

Since friday the Maelstrom Games website has been showing as "Under Maintenance". And now, a couple of hours ago North Star Miniatures confirmed on their Facebook that Maelstrom Games isn't anymore. The business will be taken over by Eye of the Storm.

So if you have any outstanding orders with MG, what do you do?

First. Contact them (Maelstrom Games). Second. Contact your bank (if using VISA) or Paypal and explain the situation. Request a chargeback.

I can't say I'm sad to see them go. I would've been a couple of weeks ago. But now, after having more or less scammed a bunch of people still waiting for their stuff, with no word from Robert Lane (who owns both Maunsfield Games and Maelstrom Games). I'm not! I hope they burn, slowly.


  1. You are one of the very few blogs who are saying it like it is. Others are either plain devils advocate or just not saying anything at all. ( sticking their heads in the sand)

    The more people who go to the Trading standards and complain. Forcing Rob lane to justice. Some of the Staff must have known what was going on ?

  2. The staff has probably been offered the same job over at EotS/Maunsfield Gaming and are keeping their mouths shut so they don't risk their job. Or they are all in the dark much like their customers. Still in the age of the internet it's pretty easy to be anonymous so it's interesting that noone has gotten around to post on a forum with a throwaway account.

  3. That's pretty short sighting business practice MS has conducted in the previous weeks.
    Do they really think they can simply found a new business with a background like that? Hey EotS, it's 2012, people browse the interwebz, and are WELL aware of what you did previously.