Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It was the last night on earth!

I took the car, and a friend and his dog, over to a friends place this weekend and brought my copy of Last Night on Earth for some zombie action. It sure didn't help that all three of us are zombie afficionados. We got one game in, and lots and lots of talking about The Talking Dead, fast zombies vs. running zombies, the awful adaptation of World War Z and zombies in general.

This was my first game of Last Night on Earth and even though I got brutally murdered by the survivors (I was controlling the zombies) it was a blast! I'm a sucker for the old school zombie movies and I think this game really captured the spirit of those movies I was brought up with.

I would actually have won the game if it werent for Sally, the high school sweetheart, finding a chainsaw in turn 10 of 15. She then proceeded to run around the board chasing my poor zombies. :( Very cinematic, very fun, very zombie.

The next day I took my orks over to Uppsala for some 40K action. Prepping the battle report at the moment. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Maelstrom Games. THE END!


Maelstrom Games Ltd. has ceased trading and will enter liquidation at some point over the next few months. 

A creditor of Maelstrom Games Ltd., Wayland Games Ltd., issued a Statutory Demand under section 123(1)(a) or 221(1)(a) of the Insolvency Act, 1986 on the 17th of October, 2012 for �99,773.61 plus costs of issuing and serving the demand. 

This debt was purchased from Simple Miniature Games by Wayland Games Ltd on the 1st of October, 2012 and payment of this debt was demanded in full by Wayland Games after seven days had elapsed. Unfortunately, Maelstrom Games Ltd. could not pay Wayland Games Ltd. this debt in full within those seven days. 

Previous to the debt purchase, Maelstrom Games Ltd. was servicing the debt owed to Simple Miniature Games at the rate of �500 per working day, claimed by the creditor when convenient for him by charging a credit card owned by Maelstrom Games Ltd., which had been occurring since mid-June and continued to late September, the last payment being taken on the 25th. Maelstrom Games Ltd. did not cancel these payments and were not aware that this debt was being transferred. 

Maelstrom Games Ltd. offered to pay the debt purchased by Wayland Games Ltd. in the same manner as it had paid Simple Miniature Games, but this was not taken up by Wayland Games Ltd. 

Maelstrom Games Ltd. can only apologise to those customers whose orders have not been fulfilled as it is now impossible for Maelstrom Games Ltd. to fulfil them, excepting those for Mierce Miniatures products (fulfilled by Mierce Miniatures in November) and Battlefront Miniatures products (fulfilled by Maelstrom Games in partnership with Battlefront Miniatures and Maunsfeld Gaming in November), all of which will be sent by Maelstrom Games Ltd. Other customer orders for certain ranges may be fulfilled in the future and any customers whose orders can be fulfilled will be contacted by Maelstrom Games in due course. 

All creditors will be issued the relevant notices by the assigned Insolvency Practitioner when Maelstrom Games Ltd. enters liquidation.

So now it has finally gone official. But of course Maelstrom tries to play the victim. Just like when they breached Battlefronts terms last year. Wayland also confirmed over on Dakka that the transfer of Maelstroms debt wasn't done in order to put Maelstrom out of business (although I guess it was a nice synergy) and also that the repayments being done in an orderly fashion is a fabrication. 

Anyhow... I'm too tired to write anymore about this mess. Hopefully you who has outstanding orders with Maelstrom can get this solved via Paypal or your bank.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Freebooter's Fate Indiegogo

With only seven days left I thought I'd advertise a little for the Freebooters Fate kickstarter (even though it's an indiegogo, not a kickstarter... confusing!).

I'm a fan of Werner Klocke, and this is a pretty awesome way to get a bunch of nice limited edition figures. My only problem is that I have too much figures to paint already. But I really can't pass this one up...

At the moment the Captain ($100) level gets you 9 or 10 figures (depending on how you count) and a bunch of extras. If you play the game there is of course a bunch of added value.

So what are you waiting for? Click the image to go and spend some cash for some awesome stuff! :)

In other news... Maelstrom Games is still down, with no reports from any customers about what has happened to their outstanding orders. -.-

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Maelstrom Games, the end?!

Since friday the Maelstrom Games website has been showing as "Under Maintenance". And now, a couple of hours ago North Star Miniatures confirmed on their Facebook that Maelstrom Games isn't anymore. The business will be taken over by Eye of the Storm.

So if you have any outstanding orders with MG, what do you do?

First. Contact them (Maelstrom Games). Second. Contact your bank (if using VISA) or Paypal and explain the situation. Request a chargeback.

I can't say I'm sad to see them go. I would've been a couple of weeks ago. But now, after having more or less scammed a bunch of people still waiting for their stuff, with no word from Robert Lane (who owns both Maunsfield Games and Maelstrom Games). I'm not! I hope they burn, slowly.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Finished chaplain!

Not that much different from the earlier post. Some more line highlights and touchups here and there. 

Glow effect in the jumppack got a little "not that glowy". I need to work on that on other minis that have a properly molded jumppack. The innards on the jumppack was rather diffuse.

Stuff I learned: Painting marble is a b*tch! The amount of glazes I put on the base was borderline silly. Leaves from PlusModel are awesome for adding that extra touch on the base. Oil paints are awesome. Need to delve deeper into using them for "normal" painting.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Orky rumours!

From Faeit 212;

In this mornings rumors we have Ork Weird Boys with powers that get more dangerous the more Orks that surround them, with powers directly from Mork (offensive), and ones from Gork (strategic). There are large new squigoth type creatures, new rules for Mega Armour units, and Orks with FnP.

It looks like we get to start off a November with a nice little rumor set.

Please remember that these are early rumors.

via Batty (from the Faeit 212 inbox)

First we can start with orks what i have heard is that they stay the same with furious charge and mob rules but all orks ( not grots or squigs) will get FnP 6+ as a race because they are basically tough and it takes a lot to kill and stop an ork. 
Most weapons will stay the same except choppas are ap6 but gain ap5 on charge and big choppers will be +2s and ap4 and ap3 on charge. 
Nobz stay the same but are getting more characterful upgrades available to them, new kinds or grot assistants such as suicide grots(act alot like bomb squigs but prone to blowing up in unit) and ammo runts and attack squigs also more weapon options like Big shootas and such.
New nob mega armour unit with teleporting abilities but its teleporting works differently from conventional deepstrike bit more random. There is a special mek character that can bestow teleportation on D3 units.

Special bloodaxe character with rules that can bring back boyz units once they are destroyed, much like an imperial guard special character.

A large multi wound squigoth type creature, not FW, it is ever hungry and uses a hunger points system. if it doesn't fulfill the hunger points in enemy's it will rampage nearest unit friend or foe in order to eat.

Two new ork psychic lists for weirdboys, Mork more offencive and Gork more strategic. Many powers in the lists get more powerful the more orks are around the weirdboy, although the more powerful they are the more dangerous they are if they are miscast as they will often misdirect or hit the weirdboy and unit.

New ork only fortifications (including an ork rock) and an ork only warlord chart.

This would actually be -awesome- in all ways possible. Especially for me that has a list/army comp based around a horde (well more a gaggle than a horde to be honest) of orks. Tellyportanobz would be awesome as well, and hopefully hilarious.

These rumours ties into the leaked list of future releases that went wild a few months back. But I wont be letting the grots in my saltmine stop piling up the salt until the fat squig sings. Hoping for all of this to be true though...