Thursday, March 31, 2011

Plastic Daemon Prince WIP, Slight Conversion work

So, I finally realised that I would never finish that other DP project I started, and got myself one of the "new" plastic Daemon Prince Kits. I like that Games Workshop try to do as much plastic models as possible, but this kit did not get it right in my opinion. The arm options are stupid, why three almost exactly the same weapon arms? why only two very odd left ones? The kit fits quite good together, but it is a shame that they can't eliminate gaps even with fancy CADing.
I pretty much swore to never buy this, but the pain in using the metal alternatives made me give in and pay up, you have to support the company when they try to improve themselves afterall.

I can't say I am fond of this "Cartoon-evil" style Chaos are going towards. Yes, taste is very subjective, so I can't put the kit down for that, I just wish Chaos would be more grimdark than Orks...

"Would you look at this fucking love connection"

I did a quite simple head swap with the Balrog kit from the LoTR series, which changed the tone of the model quite a lot. Quick and dirty, but at least I won't feel ashamed when I deploy him.

"Purple raaaain, purple rain"


I will try to finish the base tomorrow and then I will wait for access to the airbrush again.
I really should get to finishing something soon...

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  1. I agree with you wholesale on the cartoonish chaos. To be fair though, they've brought back the classic look on some of the daemons. I just wish chaos marines looked more like Typhus ...