Thursday, March 10, 2011

On the painting table: Khorne!

Today I got my first turn with a decent airbrush. I had 10 old Berzerkers in need of paint, and because I hate the models, and so have pushed back painting them, I decided to be lazy.
I must admit, I was a little afraid to use the airbrush, but since I didn't really care how the DerpZerks turned out, the feeling passed, and I just committed to learn the basics of airbrushing.

I recently realised that the Vallejo Model series reds contain cadmium, and thusly should not be airbrushed. Standing in the hobby store I had to kinda wing it and picked the very few reds that is available from the Air range. I considered going to the gaming store to get Citadel or VGC, but I was in a kind of a rush, and in the end, I achieved the tones I was aiming for.

After a day of using, and cleaning (and more cleaning), I think I can easily motivate myself to pay for a decent airbrush of my own in the future. For a gamers uses, priming, basecoating, vehicles etc I see nothing easier and more time saving, the only really tricky part is maintenance and if you use other than VMA style prethinned paint, getting a feel for paint/thinner ratios.

I tried to achieve a zenithal highlight, and I am quite pleased with the results. They don't make for very exciting pictures however, and the lighting in the club is not optimal.

I did get a snap of my count-as Abaddon: Zhufor! He got the same treatment as the Berzerkers when I felt confident enough to do a decent job with the AB. The model makes me wish that ForgeWorld would release all the named characters from the CSM Codex. The level of detail is as always just stunning.

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