Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tis scrap is ourz!!!

Ever since he found the bright yellow cloth he fashioned his pants of Skabbog had an extreme luck. This day was no different. He had managed to dodge the 'umies lasbolts countless of times. Even when a huge shell from one of the metal boxies exploded a couple of snotlings away from Skabbog the only injury was some hearing loss in the right ear. Which was alright to him. Now he could make sure to be on the right side of Big Mek Buzzgob (the Great and Tinkery, Esquire) when he barked orders! One lucky grot!

Scuttling along in Buzzgobs step he saw an aspiring loota scurry away from the fight. Something must be out of order. A loota not content shooting in the general direction of the enemy? Squinting his eyes Skabbog saw something blue and shiny glint in the setting sun. Surely this must have been what the loota saw since he was running frantically towards the blue object.

Skabbog started off in the same direction, lugging the heavy bosspole he had made for Buzzgob countless of waaaghs ago. His steps were swift and within just a few paces from the blue object he came up behind the loota and smashed his head in with the bosspole.

TIS SCRAP IS OURZ! he yelled as he stepped up on the pile of scrap. Declaring that whatever he found would belong to Buzzgob, and in return he would perhaps get a cog or two as thanks. Or at least not be yelled at for a few minutes. Skabbog was one lucky grot!

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Today was a slow work-day, which meant I could finish painting the bosspole grot. So slow I even dreamt up a short little story about the figure. I know he/it has a name from Imperial Armour 8, but Skabbog felt appropriate.

I'm still debating if I should use pigments on the base to tie it together with Buzzgobs. I do like using paints instead. It's not as realistic, but gives a little more control. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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