Saturday, April 2, 2011

Leader of the Cow-Man-Doz

Started to paint up the Forgeworld Kommando nob today. Not much to it. He's getting a straight forward, formula A ork, paintjob. I did some freestyling and added facepaint to him though, but I'm sooooo tired of painting orks that I really cannot come up with something that feels "Yeah wow!" anymore.

Luckily I've still got the joy of painting in me. I hope it lasts for the next 20 orks. 'Cause then I get to paint something else! \o/ Haven't really decided on what. It would be cool to speedpaint all the Ultramarines, but that's also pretty monotone work. Meh... let's worry about that when the time comes.

I put on a regular nob head on the figure. He'll be moonlighting as a regular nob in a shoota mob, so the gas-mask really felt out of place. And if I really really want to run a bunch of kommandoz without Snikrot or a nob with powerklaw (would I, ever?) I always have another one.

In the background is a bunch of 'zerks I promised Boomo I'd paint up for him in exchange for him painting up ten boyz for me. Even further back (cropped away) is the land raider featured over here. It's gonna get some airbrush and stenciling-love once I get around to cut out all the stencils I've planned for it.

And once I've cleared the workbench of all the stuff currently crowding it... Hoarding minis for the win! -.-


  1. That's pretty good for a work in progress! The coats are looking very smooth and the metal especially stunning.

  2. My Orks wear all sorts of face paint. It helped break up the all the green and helps distinguish them on the table. Nice work.

  3. Thanks! :)

    Yeah, I think I have to go over my orks and add some facepaint to them. And other markings, so I can differentiate between the three mobs of 20 sluggas since they always end up in a big mess once the action happens. :)