Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Game over man!"

Well, was intending to make a battle report for todays games, but I got pretty much raped by my own dice so, meh. Jocke fought a very solid game but I think my rolls f*cked me more than his tactics. The game came down to one wound in round seven, I was close to tying him with my last terminator but failed the last save in close combat.

I always try to learn something new with every game, but after this one I feel kinda confused.
I guess I need to finish my landraider or bench the LC-Terminators, because deep strike and reserve rolls is starting to really annoy me.
I messed up with the lesser daemons and forgot that they could come down on the DP which was contesting his objective.
The new oblit felt very lonely, and died before he could really accomplish anything, so he will probably be benched untill I can finish his friends.
Death Company are mean, and a Storm Raven loaded with a DC team, chaplain, and a DC-Dread, will tear you up if they get the charge, but that I kinda knew already...
I probably should stay away from reserved units altogether, CSM doesn't get enough for their points to survive that much focused firepower. Even with everything in cover, I lost way to many units just from shooting.

Overall I will have to retool my list for the rematch next week @ 1500pts, I just can't shake the feeling that CSM is kinda lacking versus other MEQ

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