Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the table: Forgeworld Ork Kommandos

Sneaky gitz…
Some of you remember the Max Mini ork bodies I bought earlier to make flash gitz. Now I don't want to say that they were bad or anything. But for me they just didn't "do it". Then I saw the running legs and ork veteran heads from Kromlech (I still have the cannon that I haven't painted -.-) and I was kinda bummed since they totally were "doing it".

I just couldn't justify buying even more stuff, not with the Warhound looking at me with puppy eyes begging me to paint it. So I kinda decided that the kommandoz I bought way earlier would work as a great stand-in for Flash Gitz. Not completely kosher. But I'll use them as a counter-charge unit. So the choppy bitz fits in with their intended use. And they really have dakka enough in and on their backpacks to pass as having the More Dakka rule.

So… a quick WIP. I got tired when it was time to paint the metal parts. As usual, since they're orks, there is tons of it. Check back for updates later in the week, hopefully I have them done by sunday, hopefully...


  1. More orks! Nice. Waiting for more pics.

    And very orky banner + grot by the way.

    ps. Did u use some gretchin green + GW green wash + some more gretchin green for these guys?

  2. Same technique on these as on Buzzgob. Gretchin green over a zenital, washed with Vallejo Sepia (Devlan) and then some green washes. :)