Sunday, March 20, 2011

ADD Strikes Again: Forgeworld Death Guard WIP

I have slipped into a very Nurgle-y mood lately, so I decided to begin painting my Death Guard. I found it surprisingly hard to pose them well. I don't know if it's just me, but I could not get the arms to fit properly without greenstuffing.

Pixelpusher was kind enough to airbrush the zenithals on them a while back, but they have been sitting in the foam since I got them back, just begging to be painted.

"Charlie in the trees!"
"Let's put one of those beefy arms back on him for good measure."

I am very pleased with the colors, Vallejo has such great tones that feel very different from Citadel Paints. As always my painting skills detract from the great forgeworld sculpts, but I could not"not buy" them... So much character and detail, I hope the plastic Plague Marines will have a similar feel when they get updated.

[Editors update]

It's really nice to see these painted. As Boomo said I had them sent to me to do a quick zenital basecoat on them. Why? I take every chance I can to bring out the airbrush. Even doing just basecoats makes you more comfy with the airbrush which equals better paintjobs in the end. 

Zenital highlights is also one of the quickest ways to paint marines – unless you dip them of course – and the end result after a wash or two and quick line-highlights is remarkable. Especially considering that a squad of 10 takes about 3-4hrs in total. 

Don't ask me why I haven't painted my Ultramarines yet. I blame work and the orks!

Here's how they looked when they left my house. Still in the spray booth, which is highly recommended even though we just spray non-toxic acrylics.

A word of advice is to make them a little lighter during the zenital since any wash applied will darken the model. That is if you want to wash the entire figure instead of using spot washes. Both have their use. Plan ahead! :)


  1. Superb. Great models and paint job.

  2. I know this is an old post, but I am really curious; what washes did you wash the models with. I can see from the picture they were airbrushed with a german green followed by a zenithal highlight with duck egg green. I am curious how you washed them though? Thanks!

  3. I belive Boomo just gave them a proper wash of Instant Success/Devlan Mud. I'll alert him to this comment and make sure he gets the answer right. :)

  4. Gryphonne Sepia, thinned out, really wanted to kill most of the blues in the base color, I was going for a "rusted enameled toy" kind of feel, Also there is some burnt umbra pigment mixed with matte medium on the darker areas.
    Thank you for reading

  5. Thanks a lot! I will roughly try this out today. I've been experimenting with many different methods. If you want to see what comes of it, check it out at Thanks for the answers! Hope you get a chance to finish this force some time.