Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hopes and Ideas for next CSM book

With the new Grey Knights codex being released in a few weeks, The heady smell of cheddar got me thinking about CSMs next codex. I feel pretty hopeful now that Cavatore has quit, Gav writes for Black Library and Jervis Johnson doesn't do much at all..

It's seems like GW has stepped away from the ultra slimmed codices that was released around 06-07 (DA, CSM, Orks) and they at least try to bring more flavour to the game, with some success, though it is kinda blunt sometimes (I'm looking at you, Mat Ward).
In terms of gameplay, the current codex is not horribly underpowered, but the power creep has left many players wanting. My gripe with the book, besides some points I will adress, is the extreme lack of flavour and options. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but all the daemons in the book are so "meh". It feels like they where trying to give the Chaos Daemons codex a boost by making them so bland here.

  1. Make the choice of marks matter more than a +1 to the statline, while effective, just giving everything marks instead of fluffy options it is a very lazy way to write a codex.
  2. Induction of units from the daemons codex is a start, instead of the very nondescript DP and summoned daemons. I don't think they will or should combine the two chaos books again, but I want more than two daemon choices in the book which have no flavour at all.
  3. Give an army wide bonus for staying mono god, but don't give the people who want to mix a negative. example; Fleet for an army who stays mono Khorne, rerolls for Tzeentch, poison weapons for Nurgle etc.
  4. Give Dreadnoughts Daemonic Possession or similar features, something to make them last more than one round, or change the Crazed rule, as it stands now, you either put your dread way away from your other units, or just give them two close combat weapons. Dreads are cool, but they should be cool and a bit more useful than bait for lascannons. Also, give dreads Marks of Chaos as well, furious charge for Khorne? A poison template for Nurgle? Librarian style psychic dreads would be cool too.
  5. WS4 Defilers? plz?
  6. Chaos Spawn that don't suck, putting a S&P unit in Fast is retarded. Make them spawn from Aspiring Champions, and I want them nasty as hell in CC, but roll to see if they take wounds every round, fluffy and fun, not like now, retarded and pointless.
  7. Another unit that is pointless is Possessed, Lovely models, but almost useless, put them in Troops and the problem is kinda solved.
  8. Something fresh and new in Fast, a unique transport vehicle? Blight Drones in plastic? A fast daemon cyborg like a small Soul Grinder (Baron of Hell from Doom II anyone?) or similar?
  9. Same with elites, A few cult units here would be good, a Sorcerer council of sorts perhaps? Terminators are nice and cheap now, but I would like a unique chaos close combat weapon, since we can't get TH/SS for some reason, and I would like to be able to give them Fearless and/or S5, Also a plastic box of chaos assault terminators plz.
  10. Raptors will get a revamp I am sure, I just hope for more flavour here too, but I think they will keep all Chaos Space Marine units pretty much intact.
  11. I think the cult marines are pretty much fine as they are, perhaps more unique weapons would be fun, again, a poison template weapon for PM, Rending Chain Axes for Berzerkers, Noise Marines and 1k Sons are pretty much fine as is, though a price decrease would make people use them more
  12. I would like to see something from the other traitor chapters, a few lords from perhaps Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion or Nightlords would be cool, and have them add army wide rules like Vulkan, more Heavy slots for IW, Infiltrating/scouting units for AL, Scoring Raptors for NL etc. Chaos are getting more characters and background all the time with the Horus Heresy series, fucking capitalize GW!
That was my wishlist and ideas for a more varied codex, In reality, they will only add a new HQ, probably scrap one (Huron or Fabius), add some useless units for "flavour", lower points cost across the board and just release new models for the cult marines and a raptor box. Wave 2 will likely be revamped metals for the HQs and maybe Havocs in plastic

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