Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hoarding Forgeworld for fun and profit

Pus for the Pus-God! Forgeworld Vraks Renegades.

Apparently it's not enough to have 1500pts of space marines to paint, together with the Warhound and tons of other stuff. Got to have more! Must have more!!!

So today the UPS-van arrived, again, with a big package from Forgeworld. The dudes (once there was this kinda nice girl delivering my parcels) kinda know me by now. That's how bad this addiction is. Blah blah blah... I got enough stuff to convert 50-ish guardsmen into Chaos renegade militia.

I kinda justify the purchase to myself since my orks are more or less "done" now. After the commandos are done I need to paint two nobs and then that's it. The Ultramarines... meh. At the moment not so exciting as putting together a wall of human meat ready to die for Papa Nurgle.

But still... Why is it that you have to buy more 40K stuff than you need?


    Feed that addiction!


    This is how this addictions is gonna end...