Sunday, March 6, 2011

Buzzgob, finally done!

Buzzgob! Click to go to Flickr.
I finally managed to get myself some time to finish Buzzgob! I wanted to do more with the metals but there's a time when you just have to say "Enough!" and finish it. It's still not meant for Golden Demon or something, it's painted to play with. Overall I'm pretty pleased with it anyhow. The OSL came out pretty darn OK and I really like the skintone I managed to get after a bunch of green washes.

The base was done almost completely with pigments. I'm still not too sure if I like it, but it does contrast well with the detailed figure.

Click the picture to go to Flickr and see more views and higher resolution. Any C&C is more than welcome!


  1. Hi!
    I was waiting for you to finish the mek and now when he is done, he looks very nice. Realistic. I'm not that good of a painter myself but I do try to improve and one of the best ways, imo, is to read\watch other people paint.
    Most of all I struggle with getting ork skin tone done the way I would actually like. Problem is I'm usually not happy with the end results and have to repaint. Perhaps setting a bit too high standards for myself.
    Could you maybe give a few helpfull notes on how you did your mek's skin? base+washes+lightining up with 1,2,3? Excuse me my bold straightforwardness please...
    Any tips will be appreciated. Thank you in advance and do keep painting, like it a lot!

  2. Thanks :)

    I'll try to explain as best as I can.

    On Buzzgob I first based the skin in GW Foundation Gretchin Green over the plain black primer. I prefer my orks to look more pale and the grots to look more "fresh out of the mushroom".

    This was done in five or so layers with the paint thinned as much as possible so I could build up some midtones. Basically it's much like layer highlightning, concentrating the layers of paint where I want the highlights with less layers of paint in the shadows.

    When the basecoat felt even enough I did a thinned wash with Vallejo Sepia (GW Devlan Mud) over the entire skin areas. Trying to not let it pool and moving the still wet wash to the shadow areas.

    The dark wash deadens the midtones a little, so once it was dry I built them up again with really thin layers of thinned Gretchin Green (this takes a while, be patient :).

    Extreme highlights was done with Gretchin Green / Rotting Flesh. I tried to concentrate on small areas and the topmost ones. If you've built up the midtones properly there isn't needed much to make the extreme highlights to pop.

    This leaves the skin looking a bit patchy though, and a bit too pale. So in order to build up luminosity and volume I thinned some GW green wash and went over the skin a couple of times. Not letting it pool on highlights and moving the still wet wash into the shadow areas. The green wash also removes some of the brown from the Devlan Mud removing some of the harsh contrast.

    The area around the mouth/lip got some blue wash and the lip itself was painted with some of the highlight-mix with pink added to it to make it a little "fleshier".

    Hope it helps! Let me know if you have any questions and happy painting! :D