Monday, March 28, 2011

Battlereport: Emos vs. Hipsters


So I took the train to Örebro yesterday to meet up with Boomo for an epic showdown. His wrist slitting emorines versus my tide of green hipsters! Pictures are few since Boomo didn't have a book to read while I moved my countless orks and I didn't want to bore him with "Hang on, I'm just gonna shoot that move you did"-stuff. But nevertheless I got some pics. You can even see the dudes in the club playing some warmahordes stuff in the background.

The lists we used are here (orks) and here (chaos marines). I wanted to try out a modified version of my torney list that Papa D made for me earlier. (More about that later…) Boomo, he just wanted to beat my face and have a good time. He's like Wolverine, but nerdier.

The first game of two was Capture and Control, with Dawn of War deployment. I got to go first. Possibly the worst kind of deployment type for me. Having my lootas in reserve kinda sucks since I can't use them to control where the enemy transports go. That is before they get shot at and run from the table. :) Objectives were placed in the two buildings in the middle of the board, on each side. Imaginative of us!

So I deployed my two squads of sluggas in the middle-ish together with the Mek and hoped for the best. Not having played a game in six months really started to show this early. I had absolutely no clue on what to do… Boomo deployed his two CSM-squads in their rhinos on the opposite side.

Boomo using a whippin' stick to deploy.

The battle was kinda "head on". Nothing really spectacular happened. We both had kinda OK reserve-rolls, or at least I think I had... still no clue whatsoever. :) The contents of his rhinos met my slugga boys in the middle. Chopping them up pretty good with their Mark of Khorne stuff. The right squad, in which I had my Big Mek actually got destroyed, leaving my Mek heading for the board edge... That felt kinda bad. :)

Turn one, my objective in the middle and Boomo's in the house on the opposite side.

His Obliterator (the dude in the top pic) came on via deepstrike in the middle to meet my Deff Dread, I deployed my kanz to the right in order to make sure his plague marines in the black rhino didn't zoom around hitting my right flank. Basically putting them and their DCCWs out of action. BS3 rokkitz don't do too much to be honest.

Just before the sluggs to the right gets it real bad and disappear in a pink mist...

During turn 3 I managed to get my shootas on the field. And my Big Mek, who now had rallied (go Big Mek!) joined up with them while the 'Blit hammered on my Dread. A fight that kept on almost the entire remainder of the game. That obliterator just refused to die!

On the upside, my gitz can actually ride in the wagon!

I tried to deffrolla the dreadnoughts, and came short by a few inches (pretty rusty, eh?) due to me being scared of moving too close to them and having the battlewagon killed by their DCCWs.

Turn 5 ended up with a huge melee at my objective. One of his rhinos contesting it while I bitterly tried to kill off his other CSM-squad with my shootas & mek.

The dread(ed) alley!

By turn six the 'blit finally died, as did my battlewagon I was going to use to contest Boomos objective and the gitz in it ran away since they had no bosspole and a leadership of basically zero (everything under 10 is really worthless -.-). And the game ended there.

I thought I had lost, but as Boomo pointed out, he had no troops at his objective meaning that it ended up with a tie! We didn't bother with killpoints and stuff, said GG and actually had time for another game before I had to take the train home.
Opponents note: I was convinced I would have the time to claim Pixels objectives with my CSM squads, but that damn deff dread soaked so much damned melta and powerfists, tarpitting my units till time ran out, and the Plaguemarines came 3 inches short of claiming my objective. I felt I dominated most of the game, but the last turns his hammerunits really caught up, and his walkers where truly the MVPs of this game.

End of last turn. Note that CSM still standing even though I had 30 boyz pummeling him and his squad… -.-

Game two was supposed to be Dawn of War again, but we decided it kinda sucked and rolled the dice again. Turned out to another capture and control game with spearhead deployment.

Having 70 orks on the table meant that I had to cram everything into my corner (I really dislike reserves), Boomo on the other hand had a bit more space. Putting down his three rhinos and the plague marines with the 'blit on his objective. My goal was to have my grots on my objective and charge headlong into his objective. Hammer, meet anvil!

Boomo went first, zooming his rhinos down the middle and his dreads went kinda erraticaly down the table as well. One of them went for my deffkopta that I had turbo boosted on the right in order to hopefully be able to hide it and do an eldar-style last turn objective contesting. I had hoped for it to be such a minor target that he wouldn't move his dreads towards it. The dice was against me though and Boomo rolled "crazed" on one of the dreads and had to move it as far as possible towards the lonely kopta... -.-

Deployment... lots of orks.

Meanwhile we met in an epic scrap in the middle. My deff-dread got immobilized pretty early in the game, but the Mek managed to repair it in turn three, after shaking it during turn two due to his over-zealous tinkering.

Nothing really happened after that. Turn two saw most of our forces locked in combat one way or another. One squad of lootas got shot up badly and ended up running for their lives (I kinda notice a trend with these MSU-lootas). And of course, the deffkopta really ate it. :)

Turn three was a blood bath. I thought I was clever when I used my deffrolla to explode the black rhino, but of course that was the empty one (his plague marines was camping at the objective) and Boomo said "Trollface!" and smiled. Bastard!

After that everything was more or less locked in hand to hand combat. That mark of Khorne-stuff is really nasty. Especially when I don't get the charge in and have to eat a bunch of high initiative blows.

End of game. Huge scrap in the middle. The paper and stuff is ad hoc "exploded vehicle" markers.

In a desperate attempt to get to his objective I used my kanz do kill a rhino and then rushed to the house, losing two of them during two turns. In the meanwhile his last dread (my Deff Dread killed the other one) – with the help of a CSM squad – smashed through a bunch of sluggas and my gitz AND my mek and straight onto the grots screening my objective.

Last turn ended up with my grots in desperate hand to hand with the dread, drawn from the objective due to pile in moves and stuff. My last remaining Killa Kan smashed through a bunch of walls and ended up contesting Boomos objective.


A tie... again! How hard can it be to win?!!

All in all, two great games. I was really pleased to finally use my orks. Six months without playing is way too long! The performance of my orks were a bit dissapointing though. One might think that a mob of 30 orks would tear through stuff and blast faces. In reality, especially against CC-oriented MEQ, they get a beating. I need more boyz!

Opponents Note: I was really concerned going into this game, that green tide is quite intimidating all set up in. I got a bit more confident when Deff Dread got stuck early on, and one of my dreads got stuck in with the big squad of boys. The other dread unfortunately suffered from ADD and ran away, chasing that single Deff Kopta and then dieing from mass Deffgun fire because he was standing out in the open. His walkers yet again performed amazingly and both of my CSM squads got slaughtered when my powerfist attacks failed to stop them. The Chainfist Terminator finally killed the Deff dread but when the game ended on turn six, I had no time to get that Kan away from contesting. Overall a great day of gaming, and I hope Pixel dares to come back for another slugfest

My lootas continued to be a disappointment. The few times they shot at stuff they either didn't put out enough shots or they missed. And then got shot off the board. I'm starting to look at using tankbustas instead. They aren't as hard hit by the swedish comp system (you can download it here) and can tag along / hide in the mass of orks. A bosspole might help them from getting shot off the table as well...

The Deff Dread was amazing though. Not so much for killing stuff, but he drew tons of fire and managed to tarpit units pretty well. Probably even better if I hadn't have to worry about how the rules worked.

Talking about rules. I thought "This is how people must feel" when I overheard the rules discussions coming from the warmahordes tables. I had absolutely NO idea of what they were talking about, and they had weird little army men and shiny tokens running around the table. Strange stuff indeed. :)

Oh, and I have to thank the guys in the club before I sign off. It was a bunch of really friendly guys, not afraid to ask questions about my orks. It's always a little scary to travel 2hrs to play with people I don't know. But I felt almost immediately at home! Thanks! :)

Now I'm off to paint more orkses... I realized that I might as well paint up 30 more of them. Just in case... a week ago I felt like I was almost done with 'em. After these two games... not so much. Need more boyz!


  1. Just thought I'd point out that in the first game, the Rhino counts as the second troop choice allowed to be deployed. 1 Lord and 2 units in their transports is actually 1 HQ and 4 Troops in that case.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Really? Isn't a Rhino counted as wargear? The codex and rulebooks says it is not counted towards FOC. I'm not saying you are wrong, I would just like to know what makes them another troops choice?

  4. Check the bottom right corner of page 93 of the rulebook, in the example.
    "In his half of the table, player B then deploys a unit of Troops, already embarked into their dedicated transport (which is his second unit of Troops)."

    Other than that, nice batrep and fun armies.

  5. I had no idea about that, thanks!