Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forgeworld Kommandos done

Sneaky gitz!
Actually they were done last sunday when I went to play with Boomo. I just hadn't the time to put up pictures of them until now.

Stuff that goes boom!

The cost of these is not that much more than buying the metal ones, even with the added 15% shipping from Forgeworld. Taking into account that you have to buy a box of boyz (but if you play orks, you already have one or three of those "just in case"?). You get one more kommando-boy + that cool axe wielding nob to boot. And of course, really fun stuff to paint for only about a cost of 25% more.

Even though I got kinda bored of them after the third one they were still really fun to paint. I really like the stitching on the backpacks. And all the grenades! I kinda chickened out on the grenades. After doing some research there were tons of cool grenades I could've painted them up as. But I kinda settled on the regular US M18 smoke grenade style. Even though militaria buffs will know that the grenade with red stripe is actually modeled after the M34 white phosporous grenade.

The rust effects was done with the washes from Mig. A lot of layering had to be done with them on the kommandos, which kinda made it take a lot of time instead of just slapping on some rust pigments. It didn't disappear when varnishing though, which is a plus. They are made for irregular surfaces apparently, and I guess Games Workshop-style weapons aren't compared to the super intricate detail you find on most military scale models. Still, they're really nice where you want transparent rust effects.

Aaanyhow! They will most likely get rebuilt a little once / if they go full kommando and not moonlighting as Flash Gitz as they do now. Adding a silencer or so to the guns making them more sneaky, and perhaps a lazor or two. Depending on if I can get my hands on some styrene tubing that fits.

Oh, any of you that signed up for the Wayland / Warlord thingie earlier gotten your sprue? I know they were kinda slow when they did that with the Mantic sprues earlier. I just want to know if I still have to go check the mailbox thrice every day. :)


  1. Nicely done on the Kommandos. Makes me want to pick them up!

  2. Thanks :)

    Do pick them up if you have the spare money for it. As I said, they're pretty fun to paint. (It's just me having ADD getting bored quickly) :)