Saturday, March 12, 2011

Resurrection Of A Land Raider: The Project Hate XL

So, I have had this busted Land Raider for more than 10 years. It came with a box of marines I bought, so it must have been one of the old megaforce sets. Anyway, I tried to assemble it back then, with no real clue, or care really how it should look. I then followed me around in one of my old boxes of stuff, collecting dust, getting more beat up.
Last year when I started playing 40k "for srsly" I remembered the old beast and tried to just paint him up and play, but since it looked like shit, I just played without it. Now I feel like I need it in my list again.

The two things to be done was first to strip the paint back off of it, and the fix the worst part; The seams! This thing could be used as a sieve, so many gaps and ill fitting parts, the worst being the top piece that did not connect properly to the tracks or the power plant.

I stripped it using "Yes Power Spray" also known as "Fairy" outside of scandinavia.
It pretty much melts the paint and leaves the plastic unharmed, and it does not smell or poison your family and pets, so I could do this in my kitchen sink. If you haven't used it before, clean up any splashes before they dry as it gets harder to remove once dry, and second, It foams a bit while you brush, but resist to wash it off with water as this instantly kills the effect of loosening the paint, so you have to either repeat the soak or just persevere until clean.

Now I just have to carefully cut off the roof and sand, and fill and glue and sand and fill and sand and glue...
*racks shotgun*
Goodbye Cruel World!


  1. Den stora frågan är: Var köpte du flaskan? :-) Jag har letat som en tok utan att hitta just Yes Power Spray någonstans ...

  2. Köpte på ICA, men vet att Willys mfl inte saluför, märkte att många inte kränger klorin heller längre

  3. Gott, tackar! Jag undrar varför mitt lokala Ica inte har det.

    Bra blogg, för övrigt :-)