Monday, March 7, 2011

Touch my boss pole!

Touch the boss pole to go to Flickr…
I got kinda super-inspired while waiting for my project manager to reply to an e-mail. So I started to build on the base for the grot holding Buzzgobs boss pole.

A couple of hours later I was in the same situation, and since the airbrush still was on the table I decided to at least prime it. After I was done, there was still no reply in my inbox. So I went for the hairspray and salt.

The goal is to make the boss pole to look like it's been toted around from waaagh to waaagh for a while. And the salt technique is kinda fun to work with so I really couldn't resist to use it when I had a chance.

Now… the sad thing is that my project manager replied with an e-mail that basically said "You'll be working all night" (FML) so the boss pole is off to the glass cabinets WIP-shelf. Although I'm itching to continue painting now that I have the inspiration.

Ah well... off to the Powerpoint-madness with a business-tip…

Never EVER tell your client that you're actually an ace at making Office-templates and can do that together with the other design stuff. Even though you might be an ace at it and the money is tempting. Office eats your soul! :)

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