Thursday, March 17, 2011

On The Table: Forgeworld Dreadnought

I have Painting ADD, I admit it, and I stand by it. I abandonded Zhufor and the Berzerkers for now and got to painting my Nurgle Dreadnought instead. I was quite scared of painting him, the incredible amount of detail is quite daunting, and I always doubt my painting ability.

The build was quite straight forward with only minimal gapfilling, I have heard that many have had problems with the ForgeWorld Venerables, but I think since this model is quite new, the old issues with the powerplant etc. have been corrected
It was surprisingly well cast, and everything fit without any hassle when the mandatory flash was cut off. The arms are magnetised for hotswapping and weapon destroyed results. The Waist is magnetised too but seems to have gotten stuck after the greenstuff got glued, I don't want to start bending it to much, it is resin after all..

This Far I am pretty pleased with the paint job. After about Six hours I have a lot left though, I have still to decide on how the metal should be done, and I need to go to the hobby store tomorrow to get some paint for the highlights etc.

I also got to working on an objective marker, already finished a "fuel" marker, so now I wanted a "more Dakka" marker


  1. Such a cool model! Is the base made with slate, or is it a resin cast?

  2. Slate and crushed pumice, I wish I took the time to have it casted though, Such a pain to fix the feet to the base