Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dark Art Miniatures: Alien Section

I've always wanted to make a proper board (or in this case a couple of RoB-tiles) with a tyranid theme.

The only option for non-DIY stuff used to be the expensive Forge World terrain – no, Armorcasts "fluffy cute alien"-stuff doesn't count –until now.

I just stumbled upon this little gem from Dark Art Miniatures. It would be awesome for the generic alien stuff, some of it you still have to do yourself (such as draping resin "slime" on Imperial Sector buildings and such), but these pieces is a great theme-setter for the rest of the terrain.

And for only £41 it's kind of a steal. Now if only I hadn't promised myself not to buy more stuff to be painted until I've painted all my orks... >_<

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