Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trollforged "Alien Brain"

I've almost forgotten I ordered one of these. Not that it was especially long ago, but usually when ordering stuff from the US it takes 2-3 weeks for stuff to get here. So when ordering US-based things you order and then forget about it. There's no need to go watch the mailbox every day since you'd only get dissapointed. And then it turns into a mini-surprise (hehe, mini-surprise!) once stuff gets here!

So anyways. The Alien Brain... I saw it while browsing resin bases or something like that. And fell in love. It seemed like a fun piece to paint, and there's a ton of opportunities to use different techniques on it. :)

Now there's just the little problem of finding time to paint it. After the 1'000 orks perhaps? :)

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