Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Waagh: Elites

Well, there's not much about it. I have twelve lootas! :)

"Gifv epix plx?"
They're usually used as two smaller units since they, in my first game with them, get shot up and run off the board. Which is kinda useless. And with the two smaller units you can actually cover more of the board. Great for denying flanks. Too bad that they, as much in the ork codex, seems scarier than they really are. It's not often you get to shoot 3 times with each model (they're 48" S7 AP4 Heavy D3), but when you do it's a victory in itself. 

Then it's just that matter of hitting stuff, which they aren't really good at either. Stuff they hit tend to break though. I've learnt that shooting at units of infantry with these are kinda "meh". Especially when it's MEQ. Shooting at vehicles and dreadnoughts though. That's usually very rewarding! :)

I have three more of these "on the bench". But out of all the ork models, these are the ones I really hate painting. There's no standard details, so you can't really line them up and paint like other ork units. "Speedpainting" lootaz is best done one by one so you don't miss all the tiny little details like cables and stuff.

What's next? Fast attack? Yeah, those koptaz gotta get their own post. :)


  1. I meant to get a set of lootas going for my latest tournament game, but it just didn't happen.

    I really need their hitting power, though.

    As for not hitting, remember the ork mantra:

    Everything counts in large amounts.

  2. Haha, yeah. When they hit in large enough numbers they're awesome. :)