Wednesday, July 14, 2010

UPDATED. Ultramarines: Scutum storm shields

Since I decided on doing the 2nd company of Ultramarines instead of the 4th – I didn't like the green trim on blue, no contrast – I've looked at ways of making the marines more roman-esque to fit in with Captain Sicarius.

One way of doing it is using a roman shield, scutum, instead of the normal storm shields on TH/SS terminators.

Looking at countless threads on Dakka, B&C etc. I didn't really find any good off the shelf shields. Most of the ones out there are for 25 or 28mm and would look really tiny on terminators.

So, here's my solution for it. In plasticard.

Boomo suggested I'd tone down the details on the shields and just use an etched brass crux terminatus on it. Which saved me some hassle finding and cutting spheres for the center of the shields. I decided to add some hassle and put on some rivets on the trim.

And… I get an excuse to order more etched brass from Forge World since there's only four of them on each sprue. Bummer! ^_^

UPDATE: Mounted on a terminator. The v2 shield is 4mm longer. Making it more in-line with how it would look if it was terminator issue / made for an 8ft tall dude.

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