Friday, July 23, 2010

The Waagh: Heavy Support

The Fast Red One!
The battlewagon. Not to sure about it yet. I've only played with it in one game (against Space Wolves) which I lost with a tiiiiny margin. It sure serves its purpose of being large and scary. Which turns away fire from my killa kanz. And with AV12 on the sides it's kinda inviting to shoot at apparently.

Disgorging 20 sluggas from it is really nice as well. And they get to charge and stuff! I like it, even if it's just for the fact that I get to say "Vrooom vroom, choo-choo" when I move it around on the board.

Rokkitz on kans are one of these "You really got to have them" on the messageboards. In reality (at least in my reality) they seldom do anything. Sure, popping rhinos from afar is nice. But even with BS3 S8 it's not safe to assume they actually hit and penetrate. It sure would be nice if the rokkits were twin linked or something like that. They screen well though, and when they get in close combat they rock! :)

Them 'zookas
Now these kanz I love! Putting out 6 blast templates is nothing short of awesome. 2-3 usually hit dead on. And sometimes they can even mitigate the scatter with their ballistic skill. I think I've popped more transports and stuff with these than with the rokkitkanz. The kan in the middle has a 'zooka from eBay. I wish I remember from who. 

Red Leader
And of course. The big red one... I hope to get to field him when I get home from Frankfurt. And I sure hope it performs spectacularly! Probably it'll just get shot to pieces in turn two or something. The problem with big stuff that looks nasty... perhaps I should've painted it in some other color than "shoot me"-red?

The idea is to paint another wagon, to hold 20 extra sluggas. And tre more zooka kanz. That way I get some alternatives to the regular kanwall build. I can go all out kanwall or add the battlewagons as flanking elements. 


  1. Very nice stuff! Add followers sections and I will be the first to sign up!

  2. Är inte mittenzookan från Irondog?

  3. @Magiler: Thanks and done! :D
    @Keijo: Nä, Irondog har ett rör. Jag har två.