Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Waaagh: Troops

Here's the current troops I run with. (That' I'm currently expanding). I love theses guys, or rather I love the looks on my opponents faces when I cover 3/4 of the board with orks. I hate moving them all though. The current standard joke when it's my moving phase is "You might wanna read the Twilight series while I move."

The sluggas & choppas. The first orks I painted. The nob got converted with the powerklaw from the AOBR warboss. To the left of him is the first ork ever... :)

Shoota Skwad One! They die like flies, but I love 'em. :)

Shoota Skwad Too! Nothing special here. :)

The little big waagh! Special Grot Skwadron Alpha! Experts at holding objectives far back, going to ground in 2 seconds sharp and decorated for running away when Space Marines look at them angrily.

Next up is the heavy support.

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  1. Have to put these guys up against my angry marines som time soon :)