Thursday, July 15, 2010

My impressions of the "new" 40K radio.

It's perhaps not fair to judge the new 40K radio after their pilot show. No show, apart from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has been really great. And I guess they'll get up to speed after a couple of shows. Anyways.. here it goes.

The hosts

For this episode it's George, Rick & Romeo. George & Rick will be the permanent hosts. The third spot is for guests etc. For now it's Romeo.

George is the experienced player, with 20 years of 40K under his belt.

Rick is the "newbie", if you can call him that. Started out in 3d ed of 40K and seems like a knowledgable guy even though he's The New Guy.

Romeo, well, I was scared he was going to be "Battle Foam Romeo". But – and this is smart move – this is Hobby Romeo. And they really made it sure to dispel any myths & fears that this is going to be Battle Foam Radio instead of 40K Radio. Actually a large portion of this episode is about dispelling this stuff.

All in all, the host setup seems to be really solid. I really like that the third host is going to be someone new (or "old"). And... they mentioned having Stelek on the show. I'd love that. Not because of his listbuilding skills, but for the drama that will ensue on the internetz. They also mentioned having Les Bursley from be on the show, talking about painting to play.

The Show

Well, it's an intro/ pilot show. The sound quality was "meh", as expected. Nothing more about that.

The direction they're taking the show seems really well thought out and solid. A lot more hobby and less "three guys getting drunk, talking 40K". And with Romeo's network at their hands I think it'll be really good in a show or three when stuff starts rolling on it's own.

A lot of 'boota talk as well. These guys really love the 'bootaz and they really made me want to renew my membership (if I hadn't spent all money on Malifaux stuff). The 'boota-centric approach is also a really smart way to get "free" content from the show. If you, as a boota, feel that you're contributing to the show, and can contribute, it's a win-win.

I really liked the show when Spencer ran it, and I think I'll like it even more now that Romeo is "running" it.

Oh... there was no F-bomb during the entire hour!

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