Thursday, July 22, 2010

Off to Frankfurt / Hockenheim for the German F1 GP

Ferrari 126 C2B Chassis No. 065 from 1983

To say I've been eagerly anticipating this trip is an understatement. My dad and me are taking his BMW M3 down to Frankfurt for the German F1 GP. Although I'm a die hard Ferrari-fan I kinda hope some of the german drivers / teams win. (It would suck to stand there with 200'000 sulky germans :))

After that we're off to some WWII sites (Nuremberg etc.) and then it's over to the Bastogne/ Ardennes, with a detour to the Nurburgring for some serious tests of what the M3 can do!

It's going to be a blast. Hopefully I'll be able to post some photos from the trip, and visit some gaming related stores as well.

Auf wiedersehen!

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