Saturday, July 10, 2010

On the bench: Ork Deff Dread

One of those neglected minis that's been in the cupboard way too long.

I kinda failed magnetizing the dread, and since then (5-6 months ago?) it's been sitting in the cupboard, primed and waiting to be painted. So yesterday I glued all the arms on, basecoated it and started adding the first drybrush to the metal parts.

Gluing on the arms is going to make it a beast(sic) to transport, and I sure hope having 4 DCCW works as I want it to. Six attacks on the charge should do it? I'm not too fond of having to remove arms from it since most of the joints where the arms meet the body is kinda... messed up from the failed magnetizing.

Now it's recieved the first wash (2:1 Burnt Umber / Lamp Black. Which is kinda like Devlan Mud. Watch how to do your own washes here.) and once that's dry it's time to add highlightning and details. I'm just going to watch the F1 quals first ^_^

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