Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Orks, workspaces and... Malifaux

The new workspace, the orks and the Malifaux

Yesterday was "meet friends"-day. I was originally expecting to meet a bunch of friends on the afternoon and then get home to eat some dinner and then finish all the straps on the orks. That didn't happen. I came home around 1900, but we did take a walk through the entire eastern part of Stockholm. So I was kinda spent. :)

I've also managed to make myself a proper workspace. I got rid of the sofa and put a smallish dinner table from IKEA or something there. Now I don't need to paint in close proximity to the scanner, printer, computer and drawing stuff. Which means I can actually work at my work desk, and paint and do hobby stuff at the new table. Without moving stuff to make room for work or hobby.

The orks are trundling along. The straps for them sucks to paint. It's not that it takes time. It's just a step that doesn't really show any progress. Not like painting pants grey or shirts red. It's just straps.

The Malifaux stuff arrived as well. I cheated a little and took a peek at the figures and rules, and -oh-my-lord- it's awesome. The figures are really screaming to be painted properly. The rules seemed a little weird when I looked through the book. But I guess that's just because of me being so used to dice and the Warhammer system.

Now back to the orks. Hopefully they'll be done before I go to Frankfurt. Hopefully.

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