Friday, August 12, 2011

Mercenaries Mariner Finished

Got it kinda done till tomorrow, it's past one and I go to work in 5 hours... I didn't have time for final touches but hopefully it will please the crowd at the contest...

"I'm broke; I know a walking corpse that spit icicle dagger to slit throat
quicker than you can prove there's four letters in hope (h...o...p...e)
I paint a portrait of myself, bored life inside the tortoise shell
tortured, orbiting Hell's orchid, intrigued but not compelled"


  1. 10/10. Love the copper, the armour looks really well done and the rust on the cannon is very realistic.

  2. Really jealous of the rusting/aging, I've never been able to get things to that level.

  3. Thank you guys! If you just experiment with pigment (I use Vallejo) and binders, you can quite easily reach satisfying results, I pretty much just play around, the trick is knowing when to stop :)

  4. I like him esp. the base... hope that we will see the tutorial for that one soon. ^^

    And yeah, pigments make weathering so much more easier.