Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quick Review:
Forgeworld Hellhound kit

It's almost like the UPS-van is permanently parked at my place. I ordered some meltagunners from the Cadian extreme-weather line and a Hellhound.

The Hellhound is apparently not updated since they re-made the Chimera kits. The instructions are as abysmal as on the Warhound titan, but fortunately it's not such a komplex kit. You get an inner hull, the big-ass tank, some sort of front plate, the turret and a separate two-part hatch and the huge flamer thingie. All in bags marked "Non sale".

And of course, the hull sprues for the Chimera. No spare multi-laz0r turret, which is a shame. No Chimera instructions either. Not that it's needed since you only need to assemble the sides, but it would've been nice to have some sort of explanation of what the other stuff is, and how it goes together.

We heard you like tanks, so we put a tank on your tank so it can burn while you burn.

My resin-parts were not chipped or bent or anything, your mileage may vary. Not that I understand what the hub-bub is all about. If it's bent, use a hairdryer or some warm water to soften the resin and bend it back. It's like a minute of extra work.

If you're like me, addicted to the resin, it's a pretty nice kit. Everything fits together pretty quick, without the need for much filling or sanding gaps (unlike that neglected Warhound that's in my cupboard, still). And it is a pretty mean looking thing you get. Much less cartoony than the regular Hellhound, and that huge "shoot me here please!" tank on the back is hilarious!

Hellhound "assembly instructions"

The rating for the Forgeworld Hellhound kit is: Four burning devotees of the false emperor out of five! If it wasn't for the poor connection between the hose for the promethium tank and the hull together with the really poor instruction sheet I'd give it a five. Easy to assemble and pretty menacing once you're done. Looking like it'll be a blast to paint as well...


  1. A poor instruction sheet... from Forge World? Yea, ok the instructions aren't their high points. I have a resin kit from a guy in Italy who contracts out the casting and makes the packaging and instructions himself. He is english as a second language and his instructions look more professional and are better quality than FW. It seems like an easy place to add value. Off the soapbox now.

    I'm working on a pair of Warhounds right now. I'm not having too much problem with bad fitting parts. Is yours by chance a Lucius pattern? I helped a friend put one of those together several years ago and it was a rough build due to gaps and misshaped parts.

    From one resin addict to another, thanks for the review!

  2. I'm kinda surprised too, it's not like it would be a huge deal for Forgeworld to make a better quality instruction sheet.

    I bought a Mars-pattern Warhound. The upper body assembly required quite a lot of filling in between parts. Especially the back parts. And the shield was a different kind of hell trying to get back in shape ^_^