Thursday, April 28, 2011

On the table: Trollforged Alien Brain

I bought this lil' dude a couple of months ago from Trollforged. And today when I had some time over to paint I really really didn't want to paint more orks. Especially not with 40 more boyz in the queue. 20 more than anticipated since I had to buy yet another AOBR-box due to cats, glasses of water and mini rulebook nearby. So I remembered that I had this guy in the cupboard, and inspiration came along.

I've just finished the carapace thingie (the body is just out of the picture) and put on the basecoat for the fleshy parts so I can glue the head on.

Originally I thought to make it more tyranid-ish. Red carapace and stuff. But the inspiration for this model (I guess) is more of a cross breed between the Alien made by Giger and Cthulhu. Much like the modern day tyranids by Games Workshop. So a black-green and then some hopefully really fleshy / mushy parts for the rest. I'm gonna go to town with glazes and washes once I'm done with the basecoat. :)

Talking about tyranids. Remember these guys?

They were state of the art when they came along. 2nd edition or something? I remember vaguely the first time I saw them on the table when I arranged a one-day tournament at, the then ruling FLGS in Stockholm, Spel & Sånt. The were the hotness! And they completely crushed all opponents at that tourney. :)

In other news... not much. Both me and Boomo are completely hooked on World of Tanks now that it's released. Even though I think they should've stayed in beta a bit longer due to some really annoying bugs it's one hell of a fun game. Especially if you're not as twitchy anymore and want a more slow paced shooter with (although sometimes crude) heavy involvement of tactics.

I'm off, gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal, gotta level up my T34!

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